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Birdie~  Thank you!  That's so sweet!  I was feeling kind down this a.m. because my temp dropped a little (not under coverline) and I was starting to count myself out greensad.gif.  But, your post gives me hope!  And, if it doesn't happen this month, it will when the time is right hopefully innocent.gif

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I'm just dropping in to tell everyone that I'm still rooting for you all.  I wish everyone here could just get pregnant quickly and easily.  Or at least that those who have had such difficulty in the past could now suddenly all get that luck turned around!  I still try to keep up, but I'm usually pretty far behind.  I am still checking in occasionally, though, and I read all the posts, just sometimes it's two weeks later.


Mostly just wanted to say, my lovely ladies, I want you all to get pregnant so much that I can't even tell you.


And Caly, you shouldn't be ashamed of missing your husband so much.  I was surprised to find that even though my husband and I have spent the last 6 summers apart, we still miss each other even during brief separations.  And yours isn't a brief separation.  Sure, people deal with longer separations, but that doesn't mean that your lot is easy.  Allow yourself to feel upset about it, allow yourself to recognize that this is a difficult thing that requires impressive coping strategies, and try to find those strategies.  Also, I'm sorry about your disappointing doctor visit.  If you can look for another doctor, I totally think that you should do so.


Also, Boots, I can hardly believe you're already back at work.  Holy fast summer!


Finally, I have a question for those of you who are experienced with luteal phase spotting.  A friend who is TTC has a normal length luteal phase, but she spots for days before her period (I think she said as much as seven days).  Her doctor was the unhelpful "come back when it's been a year" type, and she can't get a new one because we're in Canada and doctors are in short supply.  Is this always a problem?  If so, is there any proven, scientifically supported things that she can do to help, before it's been a year?

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For all you OPK using ladies, I am calling the test on CD 18.  It looks like the "test" line is getting thicker each day.  I am on day 5 of EWCM and I have O'd on day 7 of EWCM the last two cycles.http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/LilacVioletIris


Here are the OPKsIMG_9469.JPG


What do you all think?

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Hykue - My RE was wholly unconcerned about my LP spotting, although I didn't have seven days of it to tell her about. I know there are natural progesterone creams (that I'm pretty sure doctors don't recommend). Maybe do a search here on "Natural progesterone cream"? Good luck to your friend. I echo your sentiments for all here to get that BFP!


Lilac - I'd keep taking the OPKs until they are significantly lighter. If those were my tests, it would be likely that tomorrow's would be lighter and I'd call it CD18. But if the next one is just as dark and it lightens up tomorrow, then it'd be CD19. 



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Hykue - I had the excessive spotting pre-AF (sometimes up to 7 days), and also had issues getting a doctor to take me seriously before the year mark... one doctor actually told me that when I got pregnant, my body would figure out what to do and stop spotting.... uh-huh.  Anyway, I tried a vitamin B Complex, I've heard that can help.  I think it's the vitamin B-6 specifically, but the B complex is safer or better absorbed, or something like that.  I started out on a B-50 complex, but never got any real results from it, but I've heard that some women do. I think it takes months to fully get into your system and help - and my patience wasn't that great, so I gave up on it and found a new doctor.   I think maybe Vitex is another thing to look into - never tried that one.  I wish your friend the best of luck, I understand how frustrating it is! 

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Dear Hykue,


Thank you for all the well wishes. I am TTC #1 since March, and discovered I might have problems ovulating (I didn't get LH surge in the first couple of months I was checking). I started going for acupuncture treatments, and that has helped make AF lighter. I used to have heavy bleeding with clots. However, it has also started this 3 days spotting before period thing. I never had that issue before. I am kind of concerned about it, and would like to hear what others have to say. Also, do we restart our CDays from the day we start spotting or from the day of actual flow? I've read some mixed opinions about this. 

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Hello girls!   


Lilac, I agree with Rosie---test one more day to make sure, then call it.  Definitely looks like CD 18 is the winner!  I did not do OPKs this cycle.  It was difficult to resist but I think overall they just stress me out and don't always correspond with my most fertile cervical fluid days.  So I'm still temping and checking for EWCM, which will hopefully do the trick.   smile.gif


Jessie, hang in there!  It will happen for all of us!  And thanks, Hykue---I love your sweet words and I'm feeling good vibes from your post.  This is such a great place to get information and support. 


Everyone else, hi!  Enjoying the heatwave?  Me neither. 


AFM, I went to my first hypnofertility session on Friday.  Where do I begin?  Upon my arrival home from the appointment, DH remarked that I was so much more cheerful than I had been in the weeks and months prior. I feel more like myself.  I am happy and hopeful and a lot less stressed.  My thoughts about conceiving are much more positive than they have been. I am in better spirits in general, and I am able to feel happier for other people as well.


I also saw a chiropractor/acupuncturist in the same office.  She was fabulous too.  I've had some unexplained swelling in my left ankle for a few months now, nothing major, which I thought might be from treadmill running or the heat.  When she was poking around my abdomen, she said, "Hmm, you have a clogged lymph node that's affecting your left ankle.  Are you having any pain there?"  !!!  There's no way she knew about my ankle ahead of time.  And even cooler/weirder:  She examined me and did a few adjustments and announced, "Tuesday would be a good day for you to get pregnant."  I am supposed to O on Tuesday.  ??!?!  How did she know that?!  She did not know my cycle dates or anything.  DH says it's voodoo (but we love it).  Ha!  Anyway I feel good and it has been a very positive experience thus far. 

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Pitch~ Thanks for rooting for me love.gif  Everyone here is so nice!  I just wish we would all get prego right now!  Together!  Wouldn't that be fun? orngbiggrin.gif

I think your hypnofertility appointment sounds very interesting!  How do you find a place to do that?  I've never heard of such a person...  I wonder if there is one near me...  That is so cool that the chiropractor could kind of read your body!


I am DPO 10 and feeling crampy and moody like AF is on the way greensad.gif  However, I'm really hoping that my temp will go up and and that I'll have a little bun in the oven instead praying.gif

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Pitch, that is cool about your experience yesterday, especially with the chiropractor/acupuncturist.  The body does tell a lot about itself, it just reading the signs that sometimes confuses us "lay people".


I did an OPK this morning and it is looking darker yet, although still not what I would call "darker than control line".  My temp went up a bit but still in my normal "low range".  I think tomorrow will be the O day.


The heatwave is kicking my butt.  I have an older care (1999) whose air conditioning is not working anymore and it is miserable to drive around in the car.  Also I am doing a bit back at school where there is no air conditioning so it is more like BAKE AT SCHOOL.  Ugh.  Just trying to get my classroom is good order since next week I am at meetings away from home all week.

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Rosie!!! That is so super wonderful. Congratulations.


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I'm sorry, I have no idea how to post pics!  So it's huge biggrinbounce.gif


So, what do you gals think?  I'm trying not to freak out!

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Jess - That completely looks like a BFP to me (and that's from me judging while sitting in my car with some super poor lighting)!!!!!  How many DPO are you?  If I remember correctly, you're still pretty early in the LP, so I think it looks FANTASTIC!!!!  joy.gif

Sending lots of sticky vibes your way:  dust.gif

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Thanks Val!  I'm 11 DPO.  I feel crampy-- I have been the last few days that's why I was starting to count myself out-- do you think that's okay?  Should I take another test soon?

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Totally looks like a BFP! There are clearly 2 lines there, Congrats!  goodvibes.gifsticky vibes, sticky vibes!

I was very crampy the first couple of weeks after my positive, it freaked me out a lot, but has mostly gone away now. I remember telling DH on more than one occasion that it felt like my period was coming.

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Hoo boy, Jessimaca, that's a BFP for sure, emphasis on the BF!  And the P too, I suppose.  Congratulations and sticky thoughts from me to you!  Crampy feelings starting at implantation and continuing kind of throughout the pregnancy (though they change later to feel less like period cramps) are normal.  My understanding is that unless there's bleeding (and only if it's bright red bleeding), there's probably nothing to be worried about.  I was crampy with this bun at the start, just like AF coming, and within a few weeks it changed a bit into an "under construction" feeling - just like stuff happening in my uterus, I could feel "things" going on, but couldn't really tell what.  I hope this ends up reassuring - with my first (chemical) pregnancy, it felt the same until it just didn't.  I woke up one morning, my cramping was very strong (that's what woke me up) and my first thought was that I was miscarrying.  I got up, walked downstairs, sat on the toilet, and got a gush of bright red blood.  So if it's kind of generalized cramping, that is what happens when all is well.  And if it's sudden intense cramping with blood, it's probably too late to do anything about it, and you wouldn't have had to ask here if it was normal!  In other words, cramping is normal, being nervous about cramping is normal, but you sound like everything is going just fine.


Thanks for the spotting tips, everyone.  I wish her doctor was more helpful, she's really worried about her mental state if she has to try for a year before they'll even test her for anything.  And she's pretty evidence-based, so I don't think she'll be willing to try anything without a doctor recommending it, or scientific studies that point to its safety and effectiveness.

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Congratulations Jessimaca! That does look BFP!! joy.gif

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Jess - If you want to take more tests, I'm not one to stop you (I took an INSANE amount of tests after my BFP - the Dollar Tree is the best place to get them, DH couldn't argue when I was only spending $1 per test), but that's a beautiful BFP you've got there.  I would consider yourself pregnant!  And what the other ladies said about cramping is so very true - I would get cramps off and on all throughout the first trimester.  It always freaked me out, but it was always totally normal - there's a lot going on in there, making room for baby!! 

Congrats again!  ;)

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smile.gif so happy for you jess ,  took a test last night 10 DPO the negative line barley showed im going to re test tomorrow . 

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