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Congrats Jess!  I also had cramping at the beginning when I first got my BFP.  I still get them although they are a bit different now.  More like my uterus stretching. 

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Jess!  Huge congrats!!!  I'm sending lots of good sticky vibes your way!!!  WOO-HOO!  We are on a BFP roll here in the July Bajingo Juice Club!!!  :)

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Sweet, Jessimaca!  I am hoping in another 12 days to join you.  My OPK was definitely positive today.  Now to relax and get down to some serious BD fun.  DH's back has been bothering him and he has been tired the last couple of days.  My temp hasn't spiked yet so I know I have time but I think today and tomorrow are IT.IMG_9472.JPG


I am going to start a new August thread tomorrow afternoon.  I am trying to finish up summer school stuff first.

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Lilac - That's definitely a positive OPK on CD 20!  Time to go have some fun!!!  Good luck!  ;)

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Thanks everyone for the support!  I am excited, but nervous at the same time--  the cramps freak me out!  And, my temp dropped some today greensad.gif.  I hope that doesn't mean anything...  I'm going to test again tomorrow am.  I'm really praying.gif!


DH wanted me to suprise him when I found out, so I stuck a bun in the oven and told him I was making a suprise for dessert and to look in the oven.  He looked and was like "I don't get it.  It's a bun."  I'm like really?  It's a bun where?  Then he got all excited!  He is so hopeful that it will stick-- really hoping it does!

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Congratulations Jessi! Cute way to tell your DH. :) Like everyone else, I felt period cramps pretty significantly for the first week. I even got the sore hips that I always get during AF. That's starting to taper, and now the fatigue is setting in. 


Nice +OPK there lilac! banana.gif


I miss Taxi. Taxi, if you're out there, I miss you! I hope you're healing and happy.


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Hi there, can I join?  I have also been participating in the Nursing Mama' s TTC thread, but this one seems a bit ore active right now!  My DD is 2.5 years old and still nurses 1 or 2 times a day for a couple minutes.  I have a miscariage in early June at about 12 weeks, blighted ovum.  We started trying again right away.  Anyways, I think I am 10 DPO.  FF just pushed my O date to a day earlier this morning because I had some EWCM this morning.  What do you all think of my chart? [url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/32d812/]My Ovulation Chart[/url]   I am going to try to wait until at least 14 DPO to test.

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I just had to pop in to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Jessimaca!!  That definitely looks like a BFP to me!


I'm in the last few weeks of finishing off my thesis, so ttc issues are not the first thing on my mind this month.  But, in the spirit of experimentation I am going all-out with my efforts to get my body to produce quality fertile CM - I've been drinking lots of grapefruit juice and eating grapefruits, taking evening primrose oil (well, I've been doing that for months now), eating raw carrots, and this week I even started taking robitussin...  So far (CD 12) it does seem to be helping a bit, I had some stretchy clear-ish but still cloudy CM yesterday, which is definitely not the norm for this point in my cycle. I have also been really focusing my intention this month, visualizing handing in my completed PhD thesis at the end of the month having just found out that I am pregnant.


Let's hope the trend of women in this thread getting their BFPs continues this month for the rest of us!  Good luck everyone, and have fun trying!!

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Ava's Mama, I will add you to our list when I make the new August page this afternoon.  Sorry to hear of your loss.  How old are you so I can add that to the list?


I had another positive OPK this morning, maybe a little darker than yesterday.  I am so glad it is Thursday.  Get to sleep in tomorrow since DH and I don't work on Fridays (at least in the summer).

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Chapluqa~  Thanks so much!  Thanks everyone for the well wishes!


I took another test this am and it was still positive (slightly fainter than the control line)!  I wish I could feel more excited, but my cramps have been terrible-- as bad as my worst period cramps sometimes!  So, that is totally freaking me out!  I'm just going to be tentatively excited-- I don't want to get my hopes up to hight because I know so many women that have miscarriages and I'm so early shy.gif.  On a positive note, my hubby and I are just happy that we have a positive!  Never seen one before!  I'll keep everyone posted-- I'm definitely having some early sometimes like peeing a lot, and other little things...

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Congratulations Jess!

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lilac - I am 31 :)


Starting to feel a bit crazy and want to POAS, but trying to hold out for a few more days (I am 11 DPO).

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Hey ladies.  I have enjoyed your conversation, but not sure if I fit in this thread.  Is there a trying to conceive #2 in your 30's?  I have not found one yet.

My daughter is 5 1/2.  I am 35.  TTC #2 for about 1 1/2 years.  Is there a more appropriate group?  Either way- good luck to you all.


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Country Girl - I don't think there is a TTC#2 in your 30's thread, but you should start one!  I would join!!  I follow the Nursing Mama's TTC thread, so that is more geared towards TTC #2 or more!

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Hi Ava's Mama

We could talk on this thread I guess and see if any TTC#2 join us.  I am not really very internet savvy, but maybe I will try to figure out how to start a new group.  My daughter is 5, starting Kindergarten, so the nursing and TTC is not really relevant for me (nothing against any mom's nursing bigger kids on that thread- I think its great).  I have also been following the 2WW thread; it helps to read other people obsessing and being anxious like me.  TTC #2 when it was so easy (just quit the BC and had fun for a few months) to conceive #1 has been confusing and frustrating to me.  I would love to find others to discuss these emotions with.  Plus, my daughter has been asking for a little brother or sister for longer than we have been TTC (over a year).  I am really sad that I have not been able to give her one so far.  She will be a wonderful big sis.  She has been suggesting adoption- very logical kid.  I will probably think  more seriously about it if this doesn't work pretty soon.  BTW-how do you do the signature line at the bottom of your post.  I have asked on the 30's thread too, but no answer so far. I wish you the best planning a home birth. I had a natural birth with my first, but we live too far from a hospital to do a home birth.  My mother had four at home and I have always wished I could follow that tradition.  I hope you get to!


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Originally Posted by CA Country Girl View Post

BTW-how do you do the signature line at the bottom of your post.  I have asked on the 30's thread too, but no answer so far. 

Go to your profile and scroll down to where it says "Your Forum Signature."  Hope this helps. orngbiggrin.gif

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Thanks Kitten!  bouncy.gif

I think I found it.  I edited my community profile to say a bit about me.  It says that my signature will become visible when I have been active in the forums.  I wonder how long that will be?  I may still be missing something. shrug.gif But thanks for your help!  I see you are TTC #3 for awhile (it has been about the same time on #2 for me), I wish you luck and strength.  

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Weird -- mine showed up right away.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I joined MDC like three years ago, even though I never posted in the forums.  And yeah, we've been trying for a while, but I'm feeling really hopeful about this month.  We have taken some TTC breaks over the last year for various reasons, but even with the breaks it has been hard to keep my spirits up sometimes.  Best of luck -- maybe this will be the month for both of us! :D

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I can start one, it won't be fancy, but at least the title could lure some people in! 

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