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So, I have a general charting question-- pretty new to it.  My first month was last month of charting and I'm doing it this month (my 4 month TTC).  Anyway, my temp was pretty low through my AF-- is that typical?  (I have no idea if there even is a "typical.")  Now my AF just finished and it's back to what it was around before my O last month.  I had to discard one day because it went way up (I think because I had a couple drinks and I also pulled a back muscle and had to take some Ibuprofen to function!)  Here is my little, lonely chart so far:



Birdie~  Congrats on your baby!!!  Could you tell me a little more about your fertility yoga?  I actually teach yoga and I've had a heck of a time finding any info on fertility yoga.  I just did a prenatal yoga training a few weeks ago and plan to start teaching a prenatal class, but I would love to teach a fertility class (for me too orngbiggrin.gif).


Lilac~  I'm excited for you!  I'll be sending positive baby vibes your way love.gif


Rosie~  Can you tell me more about the CM issue you mentioned?  You said it's not helpful for you?  I can't figue mine out-- I feel like I can't tell the difference and that there isn't very much of it anyway...




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My post was held and it said because I'm new here-- is that weird-- it hasn't done that before?

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Good Lord, it's hard to keep up with this thread!  The main thing that stuck out is cheap Amazon OPKs.... they work swell for me thumb.gif, sushi -  I don't care what doctors say.... I just know it'll be the one thing I'd crave in a major way and I'd probably cheat yummy.gifand BLEACH! It's the bane of my existence! Anytime I go near the stuff I end up getting some sort of bleach-stain splatter on an inevitably new article of clothing.  It's forbidden in my house.

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Hi everyone!  I hope my mdc ladies are staying cool... heat wave here and in some 23 other states!  boo!


Just stopping in to check on Lilac...any news hon?  I'm a couple of days behind you and I am chart-stalking you.  Baby dust to us both!!! 


Tomorrow is 8 dpo and I am keeping myself as busy as possible so my mind won't obsess.  Definitely feel a little more relaxed since DH and I decided that if we don't get a baby this time, we will start seeking answers with our doctors.  FF gives me "high" scores every month for our BD timing, and I feel that since my cycles and charts are so textbook, we should search for answers before we get too high strung about failing month after month after month. 


So I've sewn two sets of curtains for my house, worked on "nesting" our master bedroom (we basically had a mattress on the floor for the first year of living here), made a successful trip to the farmer's market and cooked a feast tonight.  I don't cook meat, so the veggies were inspiring... sherried tomatoes with fresh mozz and dill, sugared yellow squash, butter baker potatoes, garlic-sauteed french green beans, and whole grain toast.  Mmmmmmm...... Summer, I love you and your bounty! 

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Pitch, the food sounds yummy.  I need to get cooking some stuff from the community garden.  There are lots of cucumbers and yellow zucchini right now!


I caved this morning to the POAS, my temp was still up.  I am 11 DPO and this morning the HPT was a BFN. I guess now I will wait and see if my temp drops tomorrow and if not, I won't test again until Friday which is when FF recommended anyway.  12 DPO is my usual luteal phase length. 

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Chap - Thought of you when I saw this Honolulu hotel groupon this morning. A nice price of a four-night stay! http://www.groupon.com/deals/ga-lotus-diamond-head?c=all&p=0


pitchou - What a wonderful set of accomplishments. I've never done sherried tomatoes (and I happen to have sherry, fresh mozz, and dill), do tell…How was the sugared squash? I'm always searching for a new garden veggies recipe. I have zucchini slices in the dehydrator today…they've been going all night. I think they were cut too thick, but we shall see what the evening brings. The goal is to scoop salsa with zucchini chips!


Lilac - I'm jealous of your cucumbers.   Ours and my mothers just withered. I have all this dill and nothing to pickle! Well, that's not true. I'm pickling peppers and beets, but the volume is so low. 


dust.gif to you all!


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Good morning, ladies!


Lilac, sorry about the BFN.  I hope AF stays away and you get a happier result in a few days!


Pitchfingersx.gif for you!  Your post is making me hungry.  Sherried tomatoes with fresh mozzarella?  Uh, YUM!  I feel like I'm missing out on all the wonderful produce this summer.  Last year, I bought all of our fruits and veggies at the local farmers market, but now that I work on Saturdays, I haven't been able to go. irked.gif


Rosie, hope your zucchini chips come out delicious!


It's been three days since my über-positive OPK.  I'm not temping, so I can't confirm that I O'ed, but I think I'm probably in the 2WW.  

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Just read this quote from a blog I stumbled upon during random internet clicking.  The piece was called "To All My Sisters Who Hope" ...... it found me today and I had to share it here:


Something still grows inside a woman who doesn't conceive a baby. In her grows character that is consumed with confidence, humility and desire. A symbolic embryo that is hers to nurture and others to behold.

And its birth is phenomenal.


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Jessimaca, glad to see your post finally showed up!  My temps tend to plummet during AF, then stay low until I ovulate again.  Your chart looks perfectly normal to me. smile.gif


My boobs are sore, which is a sure sign that I'm post-O.  Let the hopelessfulness begin.



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Jessimaca, weird how they held your post.  Too many words for a "newbie"?  Kind of like the 2 private message limit for me, why?  I just wanted to email someone off board to ask a personal question.  Now 5 PMs a day, okay I could deal with that, I send 5 emails a day pretty regularly, but 2 PM?  Whatever.


I added your chart link to the front page list, Jessimaca.  Once you have more data for the month, you may want to undiscard that temp from earlier just to see what your up and down pattern is (even if it was due to drinking and muscle pain).


AFM: My temp did a nose dive.  I think I am out for the month.  Now to wait for AF to show up and try again this next month.  I am worried my O time might be when I am at a teacher convention and DH won't be there.  GRRR.  But here is to hoping it happens before hand.  Going to purchase some OPKs and do both the temping and the OPK to better pinpoint O date so DH and I BD a little bit closer to the date.

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Jessimaca - CM tracking just hasn't worked for me. I don't know the differences between creamy, sticky, watery, etc. I do notice a more lubricative feel to it around my fertile time, but that's about it. I've seen eggwhite maybe twice. Did a lot of reading and looking at pictures of cervixes and mucus on the web, but still no consistency here. It hurts that we usually BD in the morning, that my shower times are completely inconsistent, and CM on undies doesn't work for me. So I've basically just given up on CM checking for TTC. SInce I get a decent thermal shift and a clear surge pattern on OPKs I'm comfortable putting CM aside. CP too. If I ever chart to avoid, I'll pick it up again. 


As a result, however, I never get solid lines on FF. That's annoying, but whatever. I'm much more relaxed about anything to do with charting since I kinda confirmed I'm regularly O'd with progesterone and charting a few months. 


Also, I really really think it doesn't matter what your temp is. Take it, record it, note the time correctly, make notes if you were drinking or woke up a lot one night, and just wait until you see that shift. Your actual temps don't matter, it's just the overall biphasic pattern, and then the temp plummet at the end of the cycle which matter. I think that's reinforced by both FF guidelines as well as TCOYF.


Caly - Are you happy you're not temping? I'm debating what I want to do next cycle. I don't really stress out about temping, so I don't think I'll gain a lot from NOT temping, but DH disagrees.


The zucchini chips have been dehydrating for a two days! Some are crunchy and crust, some aren't, despite being sliced with a mandolin. I took the done ones off and the rest are still going. They're o-k alone, but great with salsa. 

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Lilac, I'm sorry your temp dropped.  That's one of the pro's for temping, I guess... it does give you a little heads-up for when AF is approaching.  But still, total bummer.  greensad.gif


Caly, the term "hopelessfullness" pretty much describes my minute-by-minute mood after O.  How long's your LP?  If anyone wants to try and slow down the passage of time, they should try an endless 2WW.  Seriously the slowest time of my life. 


Rosie, I still have 50 something days left on FF so I'll finish those out, then stop temping.  I need a break.  I actually fell asleep last week with the thermometer hanging out of my mouth and woke up with one of my dogs licking my face.  It was not good.  As for my fresh veggies, the squash I just peeled and sliced, then put in a pan with a dab of butter and sprinkle of sugar and cooked until translucent.  DELISH!!  The tomatoes I sliced, then drizzled with a bit of sherry and sprinkled dill on top (also used a bit of my fresh basil), some black pepper and salt.  I broiled them for about 3 minutes, then took them out and let them set while I prepared other food.  Then, I mixed up some fresh mozz with a dab of mayo (to keep the tomatoes moist on top) and plopped a big spoonful on each half.  Broiled them again for 2-3 minutes.  I didn't have a recipe, so none of my measurements would be exact, but this is the type of dish you can make to taste.  How were your zucchini chips?  And do you have a good salsa recipe?  I don't do TOO spicy, so I'm always looking for something yummy!  yummy.gif


Jessie, your chart does look good.  Getting the hang of it is half the battle.  I find it fun and interesting and I leared a lot about my body.  For some people, CM tracking is best, others do CP, still others do all of it.... whatever works best for you.  CP is the worst for me.... I can't tell from one day to the next what's going on in there!  HA!


AFM, 9dpo and apparently had a temp spike today. Feeling zero "symptoms" this month.  I've been so quick to dismiss anything out of my mind because I don't want to get all revved up and then be disappointed again.  So....... I wait. 

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Rosie - Thanks for passing on the Honolulu tip - we haven't yet decided what our budget will be but that does look like a good deal!  I totally share your feelings and experience about CM tracking - it seems to be all over the place and there is somewhat of a pattern of the sticky/creamy after AF but then in the few days just before O there is nothing resembling EWCM - so frustrating!  I've never had solid lines on FF either, and for both cycles so far it has told me one O day and then shifted it forward a few days later...Despite this imprecision I am counting on charting and having a regular enough cycle to be able to predict my fertile days. It would be so much simpler to have a classic CM pattern!


Pitch- Your farmers' market feast sounds delicious!  I can't wait until we have summer veggies again here. We used to go to the farmers' market but now we get a weekly fruit/veggie box which is made up of seasonal local produce (organic when available). It's great because I never know what I'm going to get so it inspires me to be more creative in the kitchen and use new ingredients.  

Thanks so much for sharing the quote, it is beautiful and I admit had me tearing up a bit. What a lovely sentiment for us ttc women smile.gif and a nice thing for me to read first thing in the morning today. I definitely feel that the ttc journey is teaching me a lot about myself and also how to gracefully deal with uncertainty... It seems like you are learning the same lessons as well.


Caly - LOL @ hopefullessness - way to sum it all up in one word!


Lilac - Sorry to hear your temps went down... We've all been there, and it sucks - sending you positive vibes in this time, to regroup for another try next month.


I'm on 4dpo today, which was supposed to be 5 until FF adjusted my coverline two days ago (I didn't mind this at all because it meant our BD timing was better)...Now just waiting patiently to see what happens and not really attached to the outcome this month, as I'm more focused on finishing my thesis and looking for jobs for afterwards. I talked to my supervisor yesterday about the postdoc position I am so excited about - he basically told me that I'm at a disadvantage having not yet completed my PhD since the position is a fairly high-level academic appointment, they are looking for someone with more experience. But I'll probably apply for it anyway, it's good practice, especially since I've never really had to apply for a job in my life (things have just been offered to me).



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Alas, I can't take credit for "hopelessfulness."  redface.gif  I think Bel coined that term.  Bel, if you're out there, hi!


Rosie, I am happier not temping.  I learned a lot from doing it, but once my patterns became obvious, it started to seem like a burden.  Trying to wake up at the same time every morning was problematic for me.  I'm a chronic insomniac with a wacky work schedule, and once I'm awake, I find it difficult to fall back to sleep.  Since my OPK results correlated so nicely with my predicted O dates, it just didn't seem worth it to continue temping.  I wouldn't say giving it up lowered my TTC stress level, though.


Pitch, temp spikes are exciting!  fingersx.gif for you!  And also for you, Chap!


AFM, I'm starting to feel pretty bummed about DH leaving again.  His mother is coming to town tomorrow and will be staying with us until Monday (sigh).  Tuesday we have to drive two hours each way to a Saab dealership so they can attempt to fix our overly complicated car keys.  Wednesday I'll be at work until 8 PM, and he leaves at 5 AM Thursday morning.  Blergh.  And then there's the 2WW, which I am trying (but failing) to ride out in a state of calm.  



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Hi ladies, I was hoping to join your group.  I'm 31 and my DH is 30.  We've been TTC for over a year now and both of us have "issues" lol.  I do not ovulate and just started my 1st cycle of Clomid.  I'm on day 2!!!  This is very exciting, so hopefully it can make me ovulate.  My DH has low T which is hard to treat when you are ttc.  He has some sperm issues but not enough for our fertility doctor to be concerned.  Otherwise, the DH is good.  Me... I don't actually know how to explain it.  One of my levels is low and its something like the level I need to produce eggs.  Basically our doctor is only giving me 2-3 months to get pregnant on my own (with Clomid). If that doesn't work she wants to go straight to AI and try that for like 4 cycles, then go straight to IVF.  So she seems confident but she says we have to be aggressive.  It's hard because of course, all I want is a family.  They gave me a 10% chance of getting pregnant on my own (with Clomid) but the way I see it, it's up to God.  Either I have a 100% chance or a 0% chance.  So, just trying to stay positive and appreciate reading your posts.  Hopefully I can be some help to some of you guys too.... I can certainly give some insight on the millions of tests and things I've gone through! 


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OKAY! I've caught up with everything!Sheepish.gif


Welcome, all new members!  Kellenjane, yes, I think there is much to learn from what you've been going through!  Erin, Mole, Jessimaca, JenMegC, hello! 


Meander, what a lovely baby!  I have complete confidence that his rocky start will be nothing but a distant memory in the years to come! Congratulations!


Lilac, thanks for the new thread!  I'm sorry you got that BFP and temp drop....here's to holding out hope....oh, and I'm one of the people who converted to GSB.  Like many of us, I never got a real clear O line, but once I switched to GSB, I get a smiley and it's very satisfying!


Hi Val! Everything looks good there on your ticker!

Shouts out to my homies Hykue, Bel, Tickletoes, and Taxi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     


Boots, Rosie, Caly, missed you guys too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Boots, I laughed and laughed about "I can't wait until Zeke has kittens."  ROTFLMAO.gifDude.  You have no idea!  My friend, who is 5 years younger than me and totally a mess, is all "could I be pregnant?" and I'm all, "If you are, I will shoot myself."  Not really, of course, but she's my ONLY non-mother friend.....

And going back to school?  So soon?  I thought Aug 3rd was soon!  There's a rumor going around that I won't really be in 3rd grade when we start back so if it isn't true and I really am....omg.  I won't survive.

Caly, that cat pic was too cute.  Yay for ovulating!  Glad the opk was dark and cooperative! 

I am trying acupuncture now.  I think Bel also tried....didn't she? Who was the person whose DH's SA totally turned around?  I thought it was her.

He took herbs.

Rosie, the RE visit sounded good and made me less nervous to go myself.  DP is actually more of the "if something's wrong, we shouldn't wait" thinking.  To go there....with intervention...really freaks me out.  I believe so much that nature and good diet and good attitude can impact health.........but I guess if my mind state and trying worked I'd be knocked up by now....

Yes, still floating in kittens. Adopted out 2 so far.  12 to go.  Eek.


As for my update,

went to pap.  Gyno said she could repeat CD3 labs.  Gonna have to wait til next month cuz when I went in the other day the lab was full and I was ready to choke someone anyway.

She also didn't order a HSG but the one that is with saline (?) and shows the uterus shape and stuff.  Anyone know what this is?  I don't.  I should research.

DP went to two appointments with my acupuncturist, 3 weeks apart.  She's trying to address his acid reflux and peripheral neuropathy as well.  She is concerned that he should get more rest and that he's in so much pain all the time.  This on top of the fact that yesterday he told me that his liver enzymes are back up, doc doesn't know why, and he may need to have a biopsy.  He says I have baby fever and not to worry, this won't get in the way.  But of course, I worry about him too, and I've always believed he can beat this stuff-this autoimmune stuff-it's just so hard dealing with doctors and the lack of cohesiveness.  I'm dipping into savings for acupuncture and everything as it is....


So I'm  CD5 and hopeful again for this next O time.  Rosie's info about morphology numbers really gave me hope that maybe the herbs will help DP get a few more of his guys to be busy and speedy.  This making appts thing is hard.  Timing.  Choosing the right RE? How do I know how to do that?  I am just swimming in uncertainty and it's making me a bit nuts! om.gif


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Caly - hug2.gif  Hugs for DH leaving so soon.  I know that much be hard.  We'll be here to keep you company, though!


Kellenjane - Welcome!  It sounds like you have a lot going on, but yay for your positive attitude.  I did Clomid for two cycles, so let me know if you have any questions on that. 


Cath - I'm not sure, but I think the saline thing is very similar to the HSG, they just do it with saline instead of the dye?  I'm not sure, though.  Did the doctor say why she wanted to do that one instead of the HSG?  Just curious!


hug2.gif  Hugs to those that AF have found, and fingersx.gif for those in the 2ww.


Have a great weekend, everyone! 


Oh, I saw that LivingSky had her baby yesterday!!  I'll try to post the link to her DDC announcement this afternoon... running late for work at the moment.  MDC is such a distraction!

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Caly - How many weeks will he be gone this time? I hope you have a good visit with MIL…is she pleasant or not so much?


Welcome kellenjane! Sounds like you've been through a lot already. Are you being monitored for this clomid round? As we like to say, I hope your stay here is short and sweet. :) 


Meander - I'm going to have to go stalk int he graduates thread…I hope Alaric's homecoming was wonderful.


Cathe - My midwife (bless her, she knows exactly what I need to hear) reminded me that REs are clinicians who treat fertility issues clinically, which usually means they don't think about nutrition or other "alternative" therapies. So I am reminding myself that when I go to the RE, it's about the clinical side of things. Whatever the RE says at our next appointment after out next tests, I'll probably then go do a consult with my midwife. She already has recommended red raspberry leaf tea for DH and me, and Vitamin E plus selenium for DH's sperm. Lo and behold her recommendations are pretty thoroughly backed up in research. So I feel like with her I have a holistic perspective and with the RE I have the medical/clinical perspective. With both, I have both covered. Are you still liking the acupuncturist?

Regarding choosing an RE: I'd ask every practitioner you trust for a name or recommendation. Then, look at the national numbers for fertility clinics! Find the clinic around you with the absolute best outcomes. I think you can google "fertility clinic statistics." And check Yelp and RateMDs. They're not great, but you'll at least hear some specifics on other patients' experiences. I think the saline one is an ultrasound, rather than the X-ray? I'm going in for the ultrasound next CD3…


AFM - DH is racing cars in Maine this weekend and I have high hopes for cooking, putting some food up, cleaning the house, and research. Not in that order!



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ValH, I found the link to LivingSky's announcement of her son's arrival.  Another Bajingo mommy!  http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1321526/kayden-has-arrived#post_16553076


My DH had gone out to mow the lawn at 9:15 a.m.  At 10 a.m., I didn't hear the mower going yet and went outside to investigate.  The day before I had been cutting out old black raspberry vines and tree limbs.  DH decided to extend the project!  He cut down 1/3 of the BERRY PRODUCTING VINES WITH RED BERRIES STILL ON THEM waiting to ripen!  Sigh!  Well at least I stopped his rampage of the berry thicket.  We worked together to cut down some branches that were reducing light to the vines and our yard.  Man my arms hurt.  My temp dropped below my coverline today so just waiting for AF.  


I had purchased some maternity patterns online on Saturday night.  They arrived yesterday.  I have confidence I will get pregnant so I am going to make myself a few outfits while I still have some summer vacation left to do it in.  Hopefully 37 days from now I will have an announcement to make.  Here is to hoping for the next cycle.


I am putting in a purchase for the GSB on amazon today.  I am not going to miss this O date! 

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FF this morning told me my chart is "possibly triphasic" on CD 22. I am 11dpo and determined not to test until AF is late. Wasn't feeling hopeful this month and feel bloated and cranky and crampy just like AF is coming. Somebody smack some sense into me!! Triphasic charts don't necessarily mean anything, right? Gaaaaaah.
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