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Single Mom and Lonely

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Hi All,


I posted a few posts in this thread when I initially was TTC and eventually became pregnant. I had a beautiful baby girl on January 7th. My partner of 8 years split 2 months later in March. It wasn't the stress of a new baby that caused the break up, but more  the final straw as we had issues before pregnancy.


I can't help but feel lonely. I live in Columbus OH and although there's a huge number of gay and lesbian families, I just can't seem to find families to hang out with. I have a decent amount of friends but they don't have kids and see us once about every 2-3 weeks. I also belong to the g/l parent group here. My family lives about 3 hrs away.


I love being a mom but this isn't what I envisioned. I wanted that family atmosphere where I come home from work and see my partner and daughter playing in the back yard. Now, it's just us. Not that it's all bad ... I get to bond with my daughter and make the parenting decisions on my own.


Are there any other single moms out there? How do you make this all work?



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Sorry to hear about your break up.  Does your ex want to be a part of the baby's life? I broke up with my partner when our daughter was about 4 but we lived together for our daughter.  During our break up we dated other people.  I think the worst thing you could do is get lonely and date or bring people into your life that may not be "the one."  I regret bringing different people in her life who she grew close to and then they left.  Just enjoy your time with your daughter and spend time with your family so she will know her grandparents, aunts and uncles, they can be a big part of her life.  One day you will blink and she will be grown so cherish every minute with her, then If someone comes into your life who is just as passionate about being a parent as you are, it will be icing on the cake.  Until then remember blood is thicker than water, let your love for your daughter replace your loneliness. 

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Hi there, I was never single in Columbus, but I remember how hard it was to watch all the dreams I had for my family to change overnight.

I turned to my family for support. Columbus has some great playgroups. It is always nice to be around other like minded parents. I don't know of any queer specific playgroups anymore, just ask around and see if you can find a good fit.
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I am not single and about to pop out a baby BUT I love meeting new friends! Whereabout do ya live? We live in Gahanna.

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Erin - My ex wants to be a part of my daughter's life. However, I am concerned that since she now wants to move on (which is fine) and start her own family, I am guarded of how close she will be to my daughter. I don't want this to be a case of "well something better has come along so I'm outta here." I need to protect my daughter. She visits sometimes to play with her but I don't let her go places with her.


Seraf - It's so weird ... I go to some of the kids events with friends who have / don't have kids. But I always seem to feel lonely. I'm not sure why that is. My family lives about 3+ hrs away so maybe that's it.


Mizyellow - congrats on your pregnancy! I live on the west side of Columbus. PM me with your email address or FB page and we can meet up once you gals get settled with your  new addition. Boy, girl?

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