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Normally fairly even-tempered 4 week old now screaming from 5-8 pm or so. What else could it be? - Page 2

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oh and i would stop the hylands colic tablets as they have lactose (dairy) in them. and the mylicon gas drops never touched my DS2's gas pains.

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Hi--just checking in today to see how things were going.  Hope that something nice happened on your wedding anniversary!  


You mentioned you were worried that your LO is starving.  Do you have any way of knowing if she is gaining weight properly?  Also, I may've missed it, but how old is she?

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Hi, just to add to the confusion, but I think "colic" is the same as "the witching hour". 


OP, I hope you're hanging in there.   Is your your baby making 5 to 8 wet diapers every day?  Does he have normal looking poo? No foam or unusual runniness?  Does he othewise have long stretches of no crying? 


Both my kids went through this really rough stage for a few months when they were babies.  But it was tougher with my first, and we know now that she has inherited her father's GERD tendencies.  My second had that same witching hour, but not as bad.  And he's 12 y.o. and doesn't seem to have inherited his dad's GERD issues. 


I'm not sure what I would have done differently with dd if I'd known she was probably having reflux-like issues.


Very important- take turns holding your baby.  You don't both have to be with your inconsolable child at the same time. It's very important to give each other breaks. 


And yes, it's good to hold your baby when he's crying.  But I think it's also OK to put baby down in a safe place and walk away for a while.  It's very, very hard on a mama's nerves to hold a crying baby. 




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Originally Posted by sosurreal09 View Post


Did you see that? I posted it earlier.


To add to it.

It can be really really hard to have a high needs, crying all the time baby! My DD screamed and cried for like 6hrs a day until she was around 9 m/o....it was really really bad. Now that is very unusual b/c colic is suppose to only last a few months. We found out she had other issues...anyways. Hang in there! Just nurse him every stinking 30 mins if you have to! Go to LLL for support. Try to enlist some family or friends to help. Just don't give up! My DD was ridiculously high needs and I met those needs to the best of my ability and she is confident, happy, and independent. She's amazing and I think if I gave up (like I wanted to b/c it was SO HARD!) she wouldn't be who she is today. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do and yes I will admit she did some crying in my arms while I was just sitting down b/c well I couldn't take it anymore or while wearing her she could be screaming for hours. I would just offer the breast and sing...I mean what could I do? She was held and never alone and that was what counts....it's all about survival right now mama! It will pass!



Yes, I've been reading on kellymom today...I think it's partly oversupply and forceful let down which I've been working on. He screamed again around noon-4, when I finally gave him a bath to change things up. Now he's nursed for like 3 mins and is almost asleep. I think he can't get that second nap of the day because my DD is just too loud and wakes him, or I try to do something (usually for her, feeding, etc.) and try to lay him down...NOPE...those big blue eyes pop open immediately!!! irked.gifredface.gif so, he is TIRED also, I think. Plus the let down issue, which is easier to solve. Somewhat. It IS SO hard. I need to find a way to lay him down! I tried the Beco and ring sling today and he just screamed and kept trying to stand in the carrier. (legs froggied and legs out.)
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I agree that is sounds like colic. All of my 3 sons had colic and it is truly upsetting not to be able to calm them. I finally took my 3rd to the chiropractor and it was really helpful. He stopped his fussing within the 1st week of treatments. Here is an article about colic and chiropractic http://backpainandpregnancy.blogspot.com/2011/10/colic-and-chiropractic.html

Good luck!

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We find that sometimes a swing is magic for a baby who is fed and clean and just wants wants wants to sleep but can't quite manage, or keeps waking up.
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About 3-4 months, I introduced, gasp, the pacifier for our son. I had a forceful let down, and it was pretty clear that he wanted to suck to fall asleep but he did not want to deal with having to swallow the milk! He does have some sensory issues, and I think the stimulation was just too much for him as he fell asleep. He was always a super alert baby and had a hard time shutting down. I know I'm probably going to be banned for suggesting an unnatural device, but it was a life saver for us!
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I was having the same problem but then came across this article: http://breastfeeding.hypermart.net/toomuchmilk.html
This helps explain why my daughter acts colic and I have clogged ducts, leaking, etc. Hope this helps someone b/c it was an eye opener for me!
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I notice no one has mentioned birth trauma; I'm really surprised. http://www.networkedblogs.com/nX17B

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