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Help Me Move

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In one month and one week my lease will be over. I will be starting school to become an RN in a town a few hours away in two and a half months. I have been working part time to save up for move in expenses. I need help planning my move. Right now I anticipate having about $1500 to move into a new house on August 1st. The places I'm looking at range between $500 and $600 a month and all require deposit and some require first as well. This will leave me with 0-300 bucks depending on which place I can rent.

I need to find the most affordable way to move my kids, my dogs and my stuff to this new town. I do not have a drivers license and my van isn't running. I could pay to have it fixed but there is no guarantee it will run after the work I think it needs. I could hire a moving service which I think would cost around $200. I could make a major move to minimal living and take Amtrak twice to get everything but the dog and futon there, that would be about $100. Then I could make  an adventure out of it by riding my bike with the dog and kids in the trailer and take a 2-3 day road trip/camping trip to get there. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks for helping me brainstorm this move of mine. I'm on a very tight budget until I start school, then I will be on a budget but it will have a little wiggle room.



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I'd take the money, talk to a mechanic, or, two, and try to get the van fixed & a valid license. A more long term solution.
Otherwise, I'd probably hire the movers for 200.
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is there any way you could find someone to help you move maybe post an add on freecycle or in your state tribe forum asking for some help

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I agree with pp, ask friends or family.
Double check the movers price. I think I paid close to that to move a tiny 2nd apartment and it was only 1 mile away. I think you could probably rent a haul for that, if not more.
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