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Awful pain in side at night?

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Lately this baby is killing me at night! As if it's not hard enough to get comfy at night now, i've started waking up with an awful, stabbing pain in the ribs of whatever side I'm laying on. It doesn't happen all night long usually--just once it twice--but last night everytime I flipped the pain would eventually follow me. Rolling to the other side or my back usually alleviates it, but last night I had to get completely up. Ugh...anybody else experiencing this? It's giving me nightmares--dreamed I was screaming in pain last night and woke up to the awful rib pain.
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Are you having braxton-hicks when you roll over?  I seem to always have one when I go from one side to the other at night.  If I try to flip over when I'm having one it is very painful.

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I had severe rib pain before I had my amnio reduction (due to too much amnio fluid and premature labor, not rib pain). I assumed it was because my uterus was so big that it was pushing up on my ribs and causing them to get out of whack.

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Have you tried the "pillow mountain"?  My ribs hurt when I lay on one side for a while too, then I turn over, and it eventually starts hurting on the other side too.  BUT, the pillow mountain DOES help!

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I get crazy round ligament pain (so lower/side of belly) and rolling over without preparation (holding my belly and "lifting" it as I roll) is a sure fire OUCH!  And the stabbing pain can last for minutes too.  A friend of mine had one of her ribs "pop" and it caused her problems from there on out.


Maybe show your care provider exactly where you feel the pain and see what they suggest?


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Thanks fir the input ladies. It's not BH--I have them all the time and they don't bother me. I also feel them much lower. This pain is distinctly in my ribcage ( a couple inches below my boobs). So yeah, not RLP either. I get that down low when changing positions suddenly and it feels very different. I'm thinking this pain is actually due to the baby's positioning. I imagine his feet digging into my ribs.... I got pretty severe rib pain with ds1 but I dont remember having this problem at night before. I'll def. try to find a magic combo of pillows....I was up every couple of hours last night, just when ds1 is finally starting to STTN. Argh!
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Here's the video for the 'pillow mountain'.  :)  http://www.babysteals.com/wp/?p=3911

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Originally Posted by Earthylady View Post

Here's the video for the 'pillow mountain'. :) http://www.babysteals.com/wp/?p=3911

thanks! I will try this tonight and hope for relief!
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A thousand thanks, Earthylady! I did the mountain of pillows last night and voila, no pain!! Amazing! I think I was twisting my torso just like she talked about in the video.
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You're welcome!  Someone else had posted it a few months back, so I can't take credit for finding it.  :)  I just dug for it for you.  :)

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Oh I am so trying this! After sleeping for a week in a strange bed on vacation I need a good nights rest!

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okay THAT was awful. Woke up with a huge knot in my back in major pain. I found sticking with 3 worked better. One for my head, one for between my legs and one for my arm like she showed in the video. :-)

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