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I dilated!

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So I know it means nothing really, but I am so proud of my cervix! With Lennon I never dilated or made any changes at all. When my water broke at 39 weeks I was as tight as a drum. I had my MW appt yesterday and made her check me. I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced! Go my body! The best part is that she FELT his head! I am so excited that he is right there and ready to come! I know it doesn't mean that I will actually have him soon but just that my body knows what to do is so exciting!

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Yay!  And you're, what, only 4 days from your EDD?  Could be soon!!!


I'm so jealous of you earlier-in-the-month ladies!

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Actually my EDD is only one day before yours! So I am totally in your boat!

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Isn't it exciting!? I am also very proud if good things happen in my body!

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wooootttttt! go your cervix!!!!joy.gif

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