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EC, anyone?

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i posted this in the May 2011 DDC, got no response, so thought id try here too ...


I know there is an EC forum, but it looks like noone has been into it for a couple years.  I am new to posting, so i may just be missing something.  Anyways, I am curious if anyone else is trying elimination communication.

I read a lot about it before baby was born and new i wanted to try, just made common sense to me.  My first son was born on May 27, and the first 2 weeks i didnt make much of an attempt.  But since about 3 weeks we have really been doing it full on, diaper free every morning for a good 4-5 hours.  then off and on in the afternoon depending on whats going on.  most afternoons he is just in a prefold but no cover, so i can cue him right when he goes and change him quickly too.  at night i dont worry about it just yet, have him in cloth diapers and thats all.  same thing when we leave the house.

i would love to share/trade experiences and insights with anyone else who is doing this or just wants to try it.  it is really an incredibly satisfying experience right now for both me and baby.  that said, we have on days and off days for sure (today he doesnt want to be held in the "potty" position i use)

anyone else?



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i would try the EC forum again.  it's definitely current.


also, as a member of the may 2011 ddc, i think most of us, since our babies arrived, just don't hang out there much anymore.

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Welcome! This forum is definitely active; you will find a lot of support here. Awesome it is going so well for you already :) EC was also incredibly satisfying for our family too. The benefits are endless!

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yup. our son is now three, and we started him somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks.


i tell people it's one of the most awesome "innocuous" parenting decisions that I've made. Love it. 


my guy has been potty independent for the last 6-8 months and it's *awesome.* my friends are just talking about potty training their kids, and keep asking me how i did it. I do give a gentle technique to them, of course, but we didn't have to. this is just where you eliminate -- in the toilet!


so, i encourage you to enjoy and continue.

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thanks for the replies and support! glad i found the forum :)  immediatley after posting, things have become more difficult, but baby boy is 6 weeks old and so much is changing for him as he grows.  im gonna post some questions in a new thread here where hopefully some folks that are practicing ec now will see it, but i appreciate the help in getting me to this forum!


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