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Hello everyone, my partner and I used USC Cyro Bank in 1992.  After 2 years of trying to get pregnant, we went to Scottsdale Ariz. for the insemination by Dr. Jay Nemiro.  The program was called , "The gift Program."  All donors are available for medical issues that my arise and when our daughter, who is 16 now, is 18 the clinic will inform him about her birth and give him a chance to meet her.  We found a sibling and they have met and are best friends.  We would like to find more siblings and possibly the donor if he would like to meet them before they are 18.  If anyone has any info. on a donor #161 from the USC/Ca. Cryo bank we'd love to hear from you.  Also if we can give anyone any advice about the program we choose, please feel free to ask.  Erin