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Anyone with Hashimoto's?

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I have always had a borderline high TSH and knew that thyroid issues ran in our family. After many years of feeling just out of it "not right" I fought to have the tests run again and get an ultrasound and sure enough Hashimoto's (probably why i had a MC last year). So now I'm on synthroid and my Dr is having me take 1.5x my usual dose durring the pregnancy and is having my TSH level checked every month. 


Just wondering if there is anyone else here with Hashimoto's or other thyroid issues.

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I have hypothyroidism... and was supposed to go Monday for an u/s to see if there is a growth (one side feels larger and a little tenderness)....

a battle of my life, but I am working on healing it in a holistic way.



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Yep, I've had hypothyroid problems for about 9 years, confirmed hashimotos as the cause maybe 7 years ago with a blood test that looked for the hashimotos antibodies.

Just curious, but how did they diagnose with an ultrasound?

If your worried, my Dr and all the research I've done says we are not at risk for any complications, etc. as long as I get bloodwork and confirm my thyroid hormone levels. If your levels are not controlled, there is a risk of lower intelligence babies, but I haven't found any relationship to miscarriages. I also had an MC and I understand how hard it can be trying to reason out why it happened. Personally, I'm going to try and relax and not stress about anything.
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ddcc to say yes, i have hashimotos, and it has not negatively affected my pregnancy. i'm happy to answer any questions, since i have had a lot of active management of this condition over the last 9 mo.

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My Dr confirmed the enlargement and the spongy/swiss cheese texture with the ultrasound. She told me at the time that left untreated that there is a higher risk of miscarriage and possible mild retardation in the baby.

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Biffer, I'm really sorry for your previous loss and so glad you are getting great treatement this go around. 


I must say the ultrasound sounds awsome!  When they were first working out what was wrong with me, they said i had a "goiter" meaning the enlarged thyroid gland.  i had to do a scary cancer screening with funky iodine uptake stuff, and the results were just "inconclusive" as to why, but at least no tumors or lumps.  


thanks for explaining.

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Just found out I belong here!  Yeah!.


My thyroid completely destroyed itself after my last pregnancy.  As someone on full replacement synthroid, I have always been told to increase my dosage by 30% (2 extra doses a week) as soon as I get a positive test and then 4-6 week monitoring and adjusting as necessary.  Like you said, this is super important to do because low thyroid hormones (1) can lead to miscarriage as your body struggles to adjust metabolism and energy needs and (2) are associated with decreased IQ in the baby.  On the same hand, the immune system changes of pregnancy can, at times, make a mild case of thyroid disease better as less antibodies attack.  Monitoring, in my mind, is key.  Be thankful you have a practitioner that is up for monthly rather than trimester monitoring.

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I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in 1996.  This is my third pregnancy and I had no problems at all with the previous one due to my thyroid.  It's very important to keep your thyroid levels in check, though, so be sure you're tested regularly. 




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Amlikam: What holistic approach are you taking and how is it working? I really don't like the idea of needing a pill every morning for the rest of my life but I feel like since I just got diagnosed that the pill is a good start for now. 


Thanks for sharing and the support!

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