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Tandem nursing and pregnant?

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Just curious to hear from others who have tandem nursed while pregnant.  How did it go?  Did you have to limit how often your children nursed?  What was it like when your baby was born?

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EDIT: Oops! I just realized that I misread your post. You asked about tandeming WHILE pregnant, not nursing while pregnant and then tandem nursing... I'll leave my reply even though it isn't really relevant since I only have 2 children redface.gif


Nursing during pregnancy was pretty easy. I night weaned to help deal with nausea, but I had been wanting to night wean for a long time anyway. My daughter was 2 when I became pregnant, 3 when her sister was born, so she wasn't totally dependent on breast milk for calories. I did introduce cows milk when I became pregnant and my supply decreased. 


I tandem nursed for 9 months. That was less fun. Once the baby was born DD1's latch felt awful. I also found that I had to limit DD1's nursing and I had mixed feelings about that, which wasn't much fun. I do think that being able to nurse helped DD1 adjust to having a new sibling though and the girls are pretty close. I have never limited DD2's nursing frequency, but she's still a baby :) 


I don't know if breastfeeding had anything to do with it, but DD2's labor/birth were extremely easy/quick. Maybe all that nipple stimulation helped somehow? 

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