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Today ThredUp shares come of their favorite Panini Combos. Fresh and yummy ideas welcome.  For for discussions like this, visit The Daily Thred where moms discuss one interesting topic per day.


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Panini is a type of toasted sandwich, which translates to "little breads" in Italian. These sandwiches are pressed during grilling with a Panini-press sandwich toaster.

The combinations for Panini sandwiches are endless and we’re sharing our favorite recipes with you today.

Family Favorite

I love Southwestern flavors and this Chipotle Chicken Panini offers a delicious blend of spices - Michele.

The French Dip has been my favorite sandwich for many years. Turning this favorite into a Panini makes this yummy sandwich even better - Gia.

Lunchbox Friendly

A Panini of Prosciutto, Fontina and Fig makes for a great weekend lunch.  This sandwich combines sweet and salty flavors your family will love - Michele. 

A turkey sandwich is always a great choice. I love the mix of Arugula and Gruyere cheese in this recipe - Gia.

Veggie Delight

Mushrooms and caramelized onions are one of my favorite combinations.  This sandwich goes well with soup or salad for the family meal - Michele.

I love warm sandwiches and a grilled vegetable combo makes for a delicious Panini. If you would like to add cheese, we suggest goat cheese or mozzarella - Gia.

Easy Dessert

My family loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  This recipe is a twist on the favorite classic - Michele.

Get the kids involved! Your kids will love creating a sweet sandwich of bananas and chocolate for dessert time - Gia.