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Intermittent spotting & hcg blood draw

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So far this pg  i've had a little spotting here and there since implantation.  (no cramping)  I've debated on doing a sono or blood draw.  I finally decided to have the hcg blood draw- I had the first one today.  


I'll keep posted. Hoping that all is well.    I've heard others comment about spotting being from a hematoma.  Not sure if that's what it is.  I'm hoping everything is fine, but it's been a little unsettling over the past month.     I've been feeling pregnant,  tired, sore breasts, etc.  So I feel like everything should be OK-  but it's hard not to worry!








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I had spotting on and off for about 3 days. It was mostly brown but  I had a couple of heavier/clottier moments. I went in to the women's walk-in clinic at the hospital expecting them to do the blood draw. After talking to the midwife she decided just to squeeze me in for an ultrasound mostly because I hadn't had spotting with the previous pregnancies. So...we did and the kiddo was doing just fine. She did do an hcg and progesterone blood draw. My progesterone was low so I am on suppositories x2 day until the end of my 12th week. The spotting has totally subsided.


I hope all is well with you! It's hard not knowing which is ultimately why I decided to go in!

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Try not to freak out about the spotting. From what I understand, spotting--even in very healthy pregnancies--is pretty common.


For my first pregnancy, I didn't spot at all, and it ended in a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks. With DD, I brown spotted for a few days during my 6th week and everything was fine. With this one, I had some bloody cervical fluid after a bowel movement a few days ago, which then turned to brown spotting. An u/s yesterday indicated a healthy baby and the spotting is almost gone. 


So my point is, don't let it stress you out too much. As long as your pregnancy symptoms are still present and the spotting isn't turning into anything heavier with cramps, it's probably nothing to worry about. :) I hope your levels come back ok!

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I know it's stressful!  Did you get your first beta numbers back yet? 


As I've posted elsewhere on the DDC boards, I've had some spotting this pregnancy.  First I had implantation spotting, but only a streak of pink at 7dpo. 1 1/2 weeks later I had some brown streaking.  Then at 6 weeks I had some real red blood, not clotty or thick (in the toilet and on paper) after DTD.  1 1/2 weeks after that I had a lot of brown discharge. 


My midwives office assured me after I've called and described my symptoms each time that there was nothing to worry about.  Heavy bleeding (soaking through pads) and cramping are the real warning signs.  Additionally, brown blood is old blood so all it does is confirm that you had a bleed that you noticed to begin with.  Because I was still stressing, my midwife ordered an u/s.  I was able to see the embryo, the heartbeat and get a measurement that matched my own calculations.  It was a relief. 


They also found a small subchorionic hemotoma which basically means a small blood clot in my uterus.  This is apparently the most common cause of spotting and bleeding during early pregnancy.  In my case, it was likely formed during implantation and the blood is being slowly expelled (and possibly also being reabsorbed by my uterus).   I found it a relief to have it identified because that means I have an explanation for the bleeding.  


Hope this info helps in some way.  Let us know about the beta numbers!  When are you doing the second draw?



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Oh ladies- you are wonderful.  Thank you for the reassurance.   


My first pg  I didnt ever spot- and I have my daughter- so the spotting with this pg  came as a surprise.  It was mostly brown early in pg.  Then I had one day where it was a few red spots and a small piece of clot,  so I freaked.  But, then it's subsided. There has been about 3 intermittent days where I had brown or very small amount of red.   a hematoma sounds like the cause- but I haven't had a sono to say that's the case.



I had my first blood draw come back-   with a great number-   106,917   which falls right in the 7-9 week zone  (i'm 9 weeks)     but, I will have the 2nd tomorrow to see if it rises.     According to this chart, i'm not sure how much more it can rise.  Anyway,  hoping that all is well.  I feel like everything will be ok.     My midwife,  it seems is trying to prepare me for the worst though-  not sure how I feel about that!  I guess she just wants me to be prepared for all possibilities.  


Here is the reference chart from the lab :  

                                          7 weeks            3697 -163563  
                                                 8            32065 -149571  
                                                 9            63803 -151410



But really, reassurance I think is the best way to go.   :)   Thanks!

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Yay! NourishCreate, Congrats.  It sounds like everything is great!


Sorry to hear that your midwife is the "prepare for the worst" type.  As a nervous-nelly myself, I know that I need docs that are reassuring not alarming.  My OB with my DD was a alarmist and the combo had me totally stressed out for the whole pregnancy. 


Hope you and your midwife can find a happy balance.

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Those numbers sound great! I'm sure with numbers like that, you're totally fine :) Enjoy yourself!

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I had an hcg test done last night at the hospital, and will have another and an u/s on Mon or Wednesday, whenever I can get into the early pregnancy assessment clinic.


I've had BLEEDING, not spotting, all day today and yesterday. It started Thursday night around midnight. I'd say it's light to moderate period flow, but i have no cramps.


It seems impossible that a pregnancy could survive this much blood loss but I'm trying to stay positive.

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*hugs* Rebecca.  I have heard of women having periods every month while pregnant.  

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Unfortunately, I developed cramps (very mild) and then around 1030, passed a placenta. I will go in for ultrasound and another hcg test to make sure there isn't a twin in there, and that this one completely passed out of me.



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Rebecca, I am so very sorry to hear this. Big (((HUGS))) to you. I've suffered a loss before, and it is devastating. I'll be hoping for the best for you. Please keep us updated.

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So sorry to hear that Rebecca. Big hugs

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so sorry that happened to you.  big hugs....

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NourishCreate - How are you doing?  Did you get that second blood draw?  Are you feeling good about your numbers?  Any more spotting? 

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Thank you for writing back!   I've been meaning to post an update.   I did have the 2nd hcg blood draw- and everything came back great.  It went from 107k the first time to 135k. That's a significant rise, and for 9 weeks, it's no longer supposed to double everyday, but the rise slows,  (that would be a crazy high number if it doubled still!)   So that number is really reassuring.

 I haven't had any more spotting- which is another huge relief!    I feel as though, everything is "normal" now, and i'm hoping it carries on that way. 


I didn't have an ultrasound, although my midwife suggested it,  but I feel that everything is ok.  I said if I spotted any more then I would get one.     It would be nice to have the ultrasound, because I'm still in that, "is something really growing inside of me?" thought. and a small part of me is curious and wonders is everything *really*  ok? Or *why* did I have the spotting?  Also part of me wonders, "I wonder if there is twins?"  

But I ideally only want to have one ultrasound, so i'm TRYING to be patient until we could see the gender as well.


My midwife will try to listen for the heartbeat in 1-2 weeks.  I'm 10 weeks today. So that will be reassuring. 


Thank you for asking!


I do have one crazy bruise from the 1st phlebotomist who did a really bad job- it's been a week and the bruise is up my vein and still dark! ew!  The 2nd blood draw- no bruise at all!



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Glad to hear about these very reassuring signs!  And sorry about your arm, wow, that sounds painful!

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Rebecca-  I'm so sorry to hear this has happened.   ((hugs))

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Hi everyone.

I am doing ok. I went today to the Fertility Clinic/Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (kind of a sick joke to send me there, but whatever) to verify the loss (not that I needed it). They drew blood to check my hcg levels. If it's not down to zero, I have to go back once a week until it does.


I declined the ultrasound because I know I passed the placenta and sac, so I'm not worried about retained tissue.


Good luck to all of the February births and hopefully I'll be back on here in a couple of months!

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Rebecca, thank you for the update--I am so glad to hear that you are doing alright. It sounds as though you are healing well. Loosing a baby is so heartbreaking. I wish you the best and also hope that you will be back on the boards as soon as you are ready!

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Rebecca - glad to hear that you are doing ok.  Lots of good luck in the future!


NourishCreate- so glad everything seems to have worked out for you so far.  No spotting for me these days either (though I'm still scared everytime I look at the toilet paper).

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