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Fourth of July hypnobabies birth of Gabriel Henry!

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On July 3rd I was 6 days past my edd with no prelabor signs whatsoever.  We went out to eat with the inlaws and joked that baby would probably come in a week or so, just like my three other kids that were born over two wks past their edd's.  We had a nice day and by that evening I was feeling very tired, more so than usual.  I had been practicing hypnobabies homestudy since 17 weeks pregnant and was very happy with it, but had never been able to visualize my birth.  That was very perplexing to me, as I've never had any trouble imagining my perfect birth in pregnancies past.  At about 9pm, I was sitting on the couch reading a book and thinking about getting the kids to bed, when a pressure wave hit.  My dh happened to be standing by me and I told him that that felt like a real contraction, not like the bh's that I had been having for about a week and a half.  About 8 mins later, I got another one, I told dh and he immediately went to do the dishes (I've got him well trained!).  A few minutes after that, I started shaking and felt like I was going to be sick.  I ran to the bathroom and lost all my dinner.  I was feeling very much like I normally do at the end of labor, with all the shaking and puking!  I was feeling like I had to pee in between each wave and also had just a little bit of blood on the tp when I wiped.  By this time it was about ten, so I decided to call my sister and let her know that I might need her to come over that night.  I was starting to feel sortof scared and very anxious, so I decided to call my doula and give her a heads up and tell her about how I was feeling.  At that point the waves were very mild and about 8-10 mins apart, I was pacing the house and feeling extemely anxious.  She thought that I should be prepared to head to the hospital, since this was my 5th baby.  I decided call my sister and have her come over and spend the night, so that I wouldn't have to wake her in the middle of the night, if I needed her.  I also decided to lay down and do a fear release, my two yr old ds seemed to be reacting to my feelings and he was very clingy and wouldn't sleep.  I laid down and the fear release calmed me very quickly, ds and I were able to finally fall asleep.  However, I only slept for about 10 mins before being woken by a wave.  For the next hour, I was able to drowse in between them, then I decided to get up and take a high dose of cal/mag  to help with the contractions.  I drew myself an epsom salts bath and it was absolutely wonderful!  I did another fear release and listened to my easy first stage as well as the birth day affirmations.  While in the tub, I became so relaxed and began to think of the waves as pressure and they didn't hurt at all when I would say to myself, this is just pressure and tightening.  I was in the tub for a few hours and at the end of that time, the waves went from coming every 4 mins to coming every 2 mins and lasting about a min.  I decided that I really needed to get going (I was GBS positve and needed to get to the hospital in time for two doses of antibiotics, which had to be 4 hrs apart), but was worried that I wasn't really making any progress as I hadn't had anymore bloody show and I didn't think the waves felt much stronger than bh's.  I woke dh and he bolted out of bed when I told him the waves were only two mins apart!  He got everthing loaded up and I kissed the kids goodbye and called our doula to let her know we were on our way.  Once on the road, the waves settled to 5 mins apart and were more difficult to relax through.  We had about an hour and 15 min drive to the hospital, so of couse, I had to stop to use the restroom on the way.  I think I about gave the gas station attendant a heart attack when I walked in the door and then leaned over with a contraction!  She asked if I needed an ambulance!  We finally made it to the hosp at about 7:30.  I got hooked up to monitors and checked, was 4 1/2 cm, so we started the antibiotics.  Once I got settled and got my cd's going, I got in my groove and as each wave came on I would say outloud, "This is only pressure and tightening", and that's what it felt like.  I paced around alot and got in the tub, which was really nice for a while.  The hypnobabies tracks kept me really grounded and as long as I kept saying "pressure, it's only pressure", that's what it was.  When I was complete, the pressure feelings did get a little more intense, but nothing unbearable and not even painful.  I stood and swayed by the squat bar that my midwife had put up for me, while talking through my contrations.  I would say things like, I'm going to breath my baby down now, this is what my body's meant to do, I'm going to do this, it's ok, everythings ok, I can't wait to meet you.  My dh said I was just talking crazy, but all that talking helped me so much and I didn't feel any pain.  It took about half an hour to breath him down and then two small pushes before he was crowning.  I squatted down and gave a mighty push and he was out at 1:40pm!  I grabbed him from my midwifes hands and stood up and got onto the bed.  He was so beautiful, but covered in very thick vernix!  We snuggled up and let the midwife check everything out.  I have always had post partum hemmorhages with my other four births, so they were watching for that.  After the placenta was delivered, they allowed me to try the herbs I wanted instead of the drugs they normally give me and it worked!!  I was thrilled.  Gabriel and I cuddled and he nursed for about two hours, they weighed him and he was 7lbs 9oz.  He is such a tiny baby compared to my others, but so beautiful and perfect.  My midwife is 31wks pregnant and said that she was going to order hypnobabies as soon as she got home:)  My nurse also thanked me for the "education" and said that she didn't know a natural birth could be so calm:)  I had been a bit skeptical of hypnobabies and had slept through most of the what I listened to, so I wasn't sure it would really work.  My past four births were also natural births, but I always came out feeling like a failure, because I felt that I lost control somewhat at the end.  I never felt like that this time, it was a wonderful experience.  We got to go home about 24hrs after Gabriel's birth and his brothers and sisters are thrilled to have him here.  He's nursing like an old pro and I'm feeling better than I ever have after a birth:) 

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Wonderful birth story and love the calm I feel just reading about you and your birth~ Congratulations!

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Lovely birth story!  Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

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Thanks so much for your story! I can't wait to have my Hypnobabies birth too! I'm glad to hear that it worked so well for you despite sleeping through a lot of it--I have that problem too. I just know my own birth will be peaceful and wonderful like yours. joy.gif

Congratulations on your beautiful boy!
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Great Hypnobabies story.  Gives me lots of encouragement.  Congratulations on your calm and peaceful birth.  Bless you and your little one.

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Beautiful story - really good to read right now :) Congratulations on such a peaceful birth!

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What a great birth story! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

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Congrats!! Have a wonderful babymoon!

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Congratulations!  It's the the perfect birth!

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Congratulations! It's always great reading birth stories but I particular love reading ones where Hypnobabies was so successful. Can't wait to see pictures of Gabriel!
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Congratulations! Enjoy your babymoon! Looking forward to pictures :)

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Thank you for sharing your story.  I hope it goes as smoothly for me. :)

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Beautiful birth story, thank you for sharing!


I stillheart.gif Hypnobabies and can't wait to experience my own Hypnobabies birth! (all the Hypnobabies births I've attended as a doula have been amazing experiences! I'm also LOVING teaching the program!)

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Wow, momma, you are my hero! What a powerful story!
Enjoy your little man!
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Thanks all, I still can't believe it all worked out so well.  It was such a wonderful birth, that I just want to shout it from the rooftops! 

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