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Need something part-ime....but not sure how to swing it.

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When my son was about 7 months old I decided to start taking zoloft.  I'm weaning from zoloft now and I'm seeing some of my same symptoms/issues come back.  It's making me think the depression was more situational and less hormonal.  The problem is, the "situation" is the SAHM lifestyle.  Which, in my head, is what I want for my child.  It's always been my plan.  I think it's best.  

I'm a little bummed that it doesn't seem that, mentally, being a full-time SAHM isn't cutting it for me. Which, I guess is not too surprising for someone who isn't a total stranger to depression.

I really don't know what to do though.  The thought of baby sitters and day care doesn't sit right with me.  (Plus, money is so tight right now.)  I'm new to the area, so I don't even have anyone to ask for childcare recommendations.  We have no family here to help out.  

I'm not even sure what I would do if I did have childcare.  I don't want a regular job.  We could be moving at any time this summer. (dh is trying to get a different job)   I'm an artist, so just time to work on my art or teach a class would be cool.   So, finding someone to watch him for just a handful of hours a week sounds kinda challenging too.  Ugh.


Any advice?

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I went back to very part time work about 1.5 years ago. Some weeks I do 30m-1hr the entire week from home, other weeks I'm gone a couple mornings. It has worked out very well, I am still almost always here, I don't miss out on much but I also get some "professional" time. Finding someone to watch children for a handful of hours is sometimes interesting. At times, I've had 2-3 different sitters that I rotate through and just use whoever is free when I need care. Other times I luck out and find someone who just wants a bit of money here and there and is flexible. I've had success with local college students, current or recent grads. I've also used care.com and sittercity. My current amazing sitter came off of craigslist. I do go through them often just because I live in a transient town, they move, get a full time job, class schedule changes, etc... I screen, call references, have them sit some while I am nearby to get a feel for them. I spend years being anti-babysitter before I had too many kids and had to have some help here and there. Honestly, my children adore sitters, and beg to have one come over. They see them as a special person that is there just to play with them, and they are, unlike me who is always caring for them while multi-tasking... My youngest is 2 and usually screeches at me to go away when I return because he is having so much fun.  It has been a nice change for everyone and I do regret that I didn't at least take breaks sooner.

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