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Bah, crazy ebayers!

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I'm selling a Nojo and a Maya on ebay right now. Both started at 99 cents. Guess which one got a bid first?

Lousy stupid Nojo!!!

Crazy ebayers!!!
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I have always thought that it was crazy how those get bids at all. It seems like the word would have gotten around by now that Nojos aren't the best carrier.

But then again, I remember how clueless I was before I had my daughter, and I thought a Baby Bjorn was the best purchase! And for the longest time, I thought all slings were like the Nojo. LOL. :LOL
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OMGosh how crazy, you'd think for sure the Maya would go first!!! BTW.. if you havent recieved your sling you bought on Ebay from me already you should be getting it today Hopefully!!
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Woohoo! Great Kristine

I was just like when I saw my ebay acct this morning... good grief people!

Whatever floats their boat though
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I sold my NoJo on ebay for over $20! At the time they were only $25 NEW. I thought the person was
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