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#4 Could it Be??

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Not sure if I'm in the right place yet as I haven't tested for pregnancy but I have a ton of symptoms I think could be attributed...My breasts are huge and tender..I have been cramping very slightly in the abdomen and have twinges in my lower back on each side... 5 days ago I blew up emotionally at my DH and am still emotional and crabby...could I be pregnant?

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Sounds suspicious. =D

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Sounds good...when will you test!?

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Going to test today but I feel anxious about it.. This will be our 4th. and it's a bit overwhelming. I'll update later today if I can.

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Well, they say after two, it's very easy to add another child to the family . . . I'll be testing that theory out myself in 9 months. :) Looking forward to hearing about your test, but I suspect it will be positive.

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Negative home test :(

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How odd. Any idea when you might have Oed? Might it be too early to test?

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Maybe, we dtd on Father's day and my LMP was around the end of the first week in June. I have felt like I am going to start but it still hasn't come. Guess time will tell. Thanks ladies, for being my sounding board.

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Unfortunately, sex on June 19th would almost definitely produce a BFP by now had you conceived. Sounds like you ovulated late. But the cramps and stuff are a good sign. So long as you kept having sex after the 19th you could still be pregnant.

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That's what I thought too..I used the Dollar store one..would that make a difference?

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My understanding is that the Dollar Store tests have a higher hCG threshold than some other tests (that is, it depends on how "early" you tested).  I don't remember when my last cycle began - I think about June 1st.  I took a Dollar Store test on the 29th of June and had a VERY faint line (with first morning urine).  The next day I took another Dollar Store test and the line was darker (the first one you almost had to hold up to the window to see the line).  For kicks, and since I obviously won't need it for another year and I had another Dollar Store test on hand, I took one 6 days after the first and it was a very dark line.  All of that to say that the tests measure hCG and the further along you are, the more of it there is to measure.  It's very possible that the Dollar Store test wasn't sensitive enough to detect a letter amount of hCG. 


Here's a link to a chart with hCG thresholds for the various tests:



Good luck Mama!

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This time around my dollar store tests had very very faint lines even though I was 13-14 dpo and I *knew* I was pg.  I bought an expensive digital (which is supposedly less sensitive) and Pregnant popped up almost immediately. 

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Dollar stores have always dected my pregnancies the same day as first reponse or other tests. For some people they take a day or so longer than fancy tests. Dont get me wrong, you could still be pregnant. You're not out til AF shows.

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I just know something is off..nothing computes though.  On the 3rd of July I had an emotional breakdown, the kind that I usually have a day or so before I start my period. When I didn't, I started thinking, hmmm. Seems I should have either started or had a BFP by now. It's nice to come here and be able to talk it out with you all!

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Started this morn :( thanks for all the info...hope you have happy, healthy,  pregnancies and babies!!

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