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Warm drinks?

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Hey, I am looking for some ideas for warm drinks for toddlers on the younger side (20 months). He likes to drink out of his mug I got him recently, especially at evening and breakfast, when us adults usually drink coffee, hot chocolate or tea, etc. Right now he usually drinks warm almond milk with honey and cinnamon, diluted hot chocolate or herbal/decaf tea which is great but just looking to branch out a bit and wondering if anyone has any interesting or unique ideas. Thanks!


p.s.- I know this is an odd question to ask in July but it is still cool out here in the evenings and mornings!

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I think you've covered the typical drinks. Herbal teas are what I first thought of when I read your post, and there is a huge variety available. You could make a warm infusion with different fruits and herbs, experimenting a little.  


When I have a cold, I like hot lemonade with cayenne pepper. If you don't need the extra power from the heat, maybe try hot lemon with lavendar or thyme? I'm not sure how appealing that would be to a toddler. Although, I have known toddlers who seem to like sour flavours and who will suck on lemon wedges.



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Hot water with a wedge of lemon and a little honey is awesome.  My kids love ginger tea with lemon and honey.  Do you garden or know wild herbs?  My kids love to harvest their own herbs and make tea.


Also, you could make atol/atole.  I don't have a recipe, but it is a Mayan beverage that is wonderful.  It's like a very thin gruel made from masa (corn) or rice.  It can be savory or sweet, but the sweet version is usually with milk, cinnamon, and vanilla -- oh, and sugar or other sweetener.  I'm sure you could find a recipe online.

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