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Obsessing and Anxious

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I finally got the dollar store test to read positive at 15 dpo today, but when I woke up, my BBT was almost a whole degree lower than yesterday and plunging below the coverline. 


Accck, does this mean it's over?  I was going to take my FMU to the doctor this morning (they won't let me see the OB coordinator, who will "let me" see an OB until they first do their own test...it's such BS with this system and feels cold/uncaring), but... ugh.  Feel like crying.


Anyone else dip below the cover line and still stay pregnant?  I stopped temping last pregnancy, so I don't know what my personal history is!

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It depends how sure you are on your temps.  If your chart is pretty good, that can be a not-really-positive sign, but if your coverline is off, or has the possibility, it would be less anxiety-inducing.  My temps when I was pg and charting back some time ago did stay above coverline for the additional week+ I temped, then I stopped...

I have a friend who had a dip and has a little boy however, so I would take your urine in for testing and either cease the temping if it will make you more anxious over something you can't control, or continue if the assurance is worth it.  Good luck!

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Thank you, birthfree!!  I took in the urine for testing, they confirmed pregnancy and set up a visit for about 8 weeks.  No bleeding or cramping here.  My friend called me a "maniac" for continuing to temp and said, "you got a positive pregnancy test, have no bleeding or cramping; stop temping, you maniac!!"  LOL  I still have my early pregnancy symptoms and AM going to stop temping now.  No point in ever doing it again unless I have a m/c and need to TTC again.  Not planning on any more kiddos after this.  I have been able to find several reports of a dip online that resulted in a baby.  My friend reminded me that your body does all kinds of nutty things when you are pregnant!!!

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