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Variable SA Results

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Has anyone had a situation where the first SA was abnormal but the second one came back normal? In that case, was there a third SA? My husband's first SA was abnormal, but I'm trying to hold out hope that it was a fluke. The next SA is scheduled for Tues.



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There are many factors that can effect a SA. For example, not all of it being "caught" in the cup, illness, recent use of alcohol or drugs, time abstained beforehand, a wild night of hot tubbin' orngbiggrin.gif I think it's a good idea to get a third SA and talk to the RE about what may have occurred.  Your hubby's sperm may be sensitive to certain factors and it would be wise for him to avoid certain things while ttc.  OR.... the actual analysis really was flawed in some way... the lab very well could have screwed it up.  I'm sure it happens.

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I would guess that abnormal results are at least someone commonly "false negatives" since it is standard to repeat the test. My doc said nothing can be concluded from one SA, and three consistent SAs are when he's really confident.

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My DH repeated his a few weeks later and got basically the same results. Hasn't tested since March. I've had him on a boatload of vitamins since then so I am curious to see what his numbers will be when we start IUI next month. I'm hoping they've gone up! But not getting my hopes up really.



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Yeah, unfortunately mine repeated his as well and the results were close to his first SA.

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Are the docs considering an IUI? Don't know how abnormal your hubby's sperm are, but they may be viable after a "wash."

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