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GA Homebirth

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Hi all! I'm new here and we are expecting our third boy. We are considering a home birth with Charlotte Sanchez. Does anyone have any thoughts on her, good or bad?? Thanks so much!!

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We are ttc and have been thinking about having a homebirth as well. We live in Alpharetta GA and have emailed back and forth with Beth Miller (birthingway.com) and she seems sweet. We are going to set up an appointment to meet her soon. I'll let you know how it goes. 

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I'm expecting my first child and Charlotte is our midwife.  I can't speak to a delivery experience, but I'm halfway through my pregnancy and we LOVE her!!!  She is incredibly experienced, very responsive, and my husband and I are beyond pleased with the care we receive.

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What part of GA are you ladies in? I live in Alpharetta. I might just give Charlotte a call since you've had such a good experience with her so far. 

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I'll be happy to talk to you also.  I live in Marietta, GA and have been a home birth midwife for 16 years.


Brenda Parrish


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Beth and Rachel at Birthingway are the best! I had my homebirth with them last year and loved them. Not to say the other midwives are not good, but I had a wonderful experience with Birthingway:)

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