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Mine is 17 months old... she just quite breastfeeding a few weeks ago, but was drinking some goats milk while she was BFing too.  My concern is her poop.  For awhile I thought she had diarrhea, and maybe she did, but it has been weeks and she still poops at least 3 or 4 times a day, where as before she would go only once.  Her poop has also started to be yellow instead of darker colored like it was before, and it is not formed at all it is pretty runny but not runny enough to be diarrhea.

Is this normal for drinking raw goats milk?  Or is there something I should be concerned about?  Other than this, she is completely normal.  The rest of the family including myself drink this milk too and we have not had any changes.  No dairy allergies run in the family.  She drinks probably about 12oz of the milk per day, and usually eats Stonyfield organic baby yogurt and a little pasturized cheese as well every day.  The rest of her diet is whole grains, fruits and veggies.  Nothing processed, no garbage.  I make my own applesauce for her.  The only processed thing I guess would be toast from Wheat Montana, which is not organic but they have good practices and I am not too concerned about it.