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Lemme see your ultrasound pictures

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The wait is just killing me. My appointment isnt until NEXT wednesday and the anxiety is killing me. I will be 11 weeks 2 days on the day of my US. This will be my first appointment during this pregnancy and at first I was excited to only have one first trimester appointment, but now I am just dying to hear the heartbeat and see the babe! So, has anyone scanned in their ultrasound pictures or recorded their baby's heartbeat that wants to share? I started this thread as a place for you to do just that, so post away!!!
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Mine are just at 6w5d



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Are there two babies in there?
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Yes! we found out a few days ago we are having twins joy.gifjoy.gif

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How exciting! (I guess I should have seen it in your siggy). Congrats!
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don't get my u/s until the 21st...so, so anxious!!


twins, wow!! congratulations!

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oh FUN post!!! I just had my first ultrasound 20 minutes ago!  I will scan my pics and post them in a bit.  I am 11wks 2d today.  I couldnt believe this baby!. It was kicking kicking its little legs.  Perfect profile with the cutest nose... and feet with little toes!!!!

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I call it... the smudge :)


This is at 7wks exactly.... we saw a heart beat flicker too!



Photo on 2011-07-05 at 15.58 #2.jpg

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Hmmm... sorry if this posts twice!


Here is mine at 7wk exactly... I call it the smudge smile.gif



Photo on 2011-07-05 at 15.58 #2.jpg

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::awaits anxiously:: I will also be just a bit over 11 weeks wednesday when mty US is done. I cant wait to see these pics Frannie!!!
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I get mine on Thursday, my midwife couldn't see the baby at my 8 wk apt because of my tilted uterus, so she asked me back in 3 weeks to see again because of my previous history of m/c. I can't wait!!! I will be 11 wks 2 days! 

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My first ultrasound and my first pregnancy! It was today and we're just so happy! Hubby got put on second shift so he can make all the appointments, I almost think he's more excited than me! I'm 7 weeks, and I have a video of the little heart beat but hubby took that to work, so I'll add that later.


264241_230746523622558_100000616353353_728886_5844201_n.jpg IMG_20110711_154853.jpg

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So awesome!!!

I've just got less than 48 more hours to go until we get to see. We are so excited.

C'mon post those pics!!! (I guess being in a different hemisphere, you might be asleep smile.gif )
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Sorry Adalinesmama for making you wait!!!  took me a bit to upload them.   Here they are.   It's amazing isn't it?  How is this little guy in my belly??  What ELSE is hiding in there, haha.



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I am getting temporary errors posting a photo, so try these links instead:







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Frannie!  Those pics work and are totally amazing!  I can't believe what a person it looks like already. 


Ray- yours is awesome too.  I had an u/s last week at 7w5d and my pic is no where near that cute (my uterus was tilted way back).  You must have a very agreeable baby :)



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Frannie, it blows my mind to see those pictures!  It's totally crazy!!


Adeline's Mama, how'd it go?????


I go back thursday.. day after tomorrow.. I think i'll only be less than 10 weeks then, though.  (wait.. all this date stuff confuses me.  I'm due 2/11.  Does that sound right?)

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I really didn't know there was such a little PERSON inside of me either.  I was pretty caught off guard!!  It was amazing :)

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