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anyone else overdue?

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My due date was July 7th so I am officially 2 days over due.  I knew this was likely to happen since I was 8 days late with my first but feeling today like it might not happen for a while and that is not making me happy!  I keep telling myself to enjoy the moments I have left just being a mom of one but it is easier said than done right now.  It is also hard to relax at home and have my husband near-by but still keep my 3 year old entertained- and it is so hot out I don't want to go outside.  My husband and I are fine hanging out around here but I feel like my son is getting bored (even though he does like to be home).  


I know I will go from not being in labor one minute to being in labor the next but being in labor seems so far away right now.  


Off to do some yoga and birthing meditation while my son and husband are in the pool.  I am going to try to will this baby out!

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Well, you could look at this way. The fact is that a normal, healthy pregnancy that is allowed to progress without any interventions actually averages about 41w and 1-3 days so you aren't overdue yet assuming 7/7 was your 40w mark. You still have at least a week to go. winky.gif
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Thanks for reminding me of that.  That is why I birth with midwives because they are fine with moms who give birth after 40 weeks!  I think I was just really wanting her to come today and as a result became blah when nothing happened.  I know that I need to let go of needing her to come on any particular day and just let it all unfold when it is meant to be and she is ready to come out into the world.  And that it is best to enjoy the time I have before she does come (I think I am forgetting all the care a newborn needs!).

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I'm trying to do the same. My due date is today, but I haven't been telling people that. We've been telling people that "he'll come whenever he's ready" so that we don't have the pressure associated with the due date. But, somehow I expected to wake up this morning and have some sign that things were getting started. It's kinda disappointed and I'm in a holding pattern until whenever he decides to make an appearance. This is my first, so I don't have the distraction of another child hanging out or anything. It's just pregnant me, and my husband, sitting and waiting for the baby! :o)

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I don't like to consider myself "over due" -  my body knows what it is doing... baby will come when she/he feels like it. I was "due" July 5 but whatever! Due dates are estimates, as we all know. Can't get hung up on stupid dates - we're talking about nature here! :)

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Those dates can really mess with your head. This is my 4th baby and all of my previous babies came 1-2 days past my 40w mark. My 40w mark with this pg is July 30 so I've been fully expecting this baby to come in early August. However, I had a moment when I woke up yesterday thinking, "I'm now 37w so baby could come now," because the medical establishment says 37w is full term now. Back when I was pg with my 1st, 21 years ago, 37w was considered late preemie so that's kind of weird. I had to recheck myself.

I've been telling everyone who asks that I'm due late July/early August. So, I was talking to my dh on the phone a week ago and he asked if I was getting excited because I only had 3 weeks to go. I was like, "Huh? I'm not even 36w yet. I've got at least 4 weeks to go." It actually made me mad because he's been through this with me 2 times before. He should know how it goes. I think he must have been talking to the guys at work who have no clue how this whole pg thing works. eyesroll.gif
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I'm not late yet, but was 9 days late for my first and 12 days late for my second; even though I was 3cm dilated and bulging for 3 weeks prior to her arrival. On the 12th day I remember going for a stress test and the doctor in the hospital wanted to break my water, I refused and told him the baby would come when its ready. That same night after a 3 hour easy labor, no pushing, she entered into this world. I think its other people asking "whens that baby coming" just adds pressure you don't need. Before you know it all our little ones will be here and the wait and difficulties we may encountered will all be forgotten.


This is just mother natures way of letting us know that we are not in control, and that our lives revolve around this little one...lol


Soon ladies, just think they'll be here soon.

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