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We don't know enough about childhood vaccines

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Did anyone see this article in the Baltimore Sun? It's actually pretty balanced for an article from a mainstream news outlet. Most of the comments are seriously uninformed, as usual, of course.





A new Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health study reports that the higher the proportion of infants and toddlers receiving recommended vaccines, the higher the state's rate of children diagnosed with autism or speech-language problems just a few years later. This analysis is sure to rekindle the debate about vaccine safety.


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Nice article - thanks for sharing.


(I read through some of the comments and thought they were interesting, actually.  Maybe you read further than I did , lol)

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"While testing is routine for individual vaccines as they are licensed, research on the both short- and long-term effects of multiple doses of vaccine administered to very young children during the critical birth-to-2 developmental window is sparse to nonexistent"" ""


Huh, I thought they were safe, safe enough to get thousands at once. ;)

Yet this article is saying there's little to no studies on their effects. So, are they safe because they don't research potential short or long term problems?

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Nice article.  I did read most of the comments.  I thought they were interesting.  Of course, there's the non-vax bashing, but mostly there seemed to be educated people saying they were non vaxers.  I was surprised at the number of non vaxers.  I wonder how many people are actually not vaxing.  I know the CDC puts out numbers in the 90 percentile for various vaxes, but I wonder what the number really is.  I know there are alot of other people who fly beneath the radar and whom I suspect are under reported. Such as home schoolers, people who don't have a regular pediatrician, people who move around more, etc. 

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