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March Chat Thread

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Is anyone up for just a daily chit chat thread? I have a lot to say that's not quite worthy of it's own post lol. How are you guys today?

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sure, i like chit chat.  I've been attacking my kitchen.  I struggle with cleaning and staying organized.  I sorted all my pans to purge the ones i hate or dont use.  i wish i was raised with these habits and knew more about the whole home-making thing.


whats on your mind?

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Not a whole lot! Just figured this might help us get to know eachother better.


Great job on your kitchen. I've been catching up a tiny bit on housework. I got really behind in the days I was bleeding/fearing miscarriage. But on the plus side I don't think I've cooked dinner in a week. DH did a few, and then we went out for our 5 yr anniv, and then a wedding, and today a friend brought a meal. lol. I told her that wasn't necessary but she insisted!

Anywho, making real food tomorrow. lol.

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heh, i need to get better about the cooking thing too...  i eat real food, I'm just lazy.  Vegetables in frozen steam bags, cook meat on the weekends or make abig pot of chili. of course at work i end up just picking up whatever sounds decent.


Are you still concerned about bleeding?  I'm kind of the opposite, I had a missed miscarriage where we went in for a checkup and there was just no heartbeat after seeing a heartbeat previously.  We waited for a full month for the miscarriage to start and it never did, I had to have a D&C.  I'm petrified somethings wrong and I won't know.


i guess the kitchen is my distraction, after all there are some 8-12 loads of laundry that I'm pretending doesnt exist :)

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I enjoy eating real food too. I prefer it over food-like substances, which is what we've been doing lol. Side kicks and premade lasagnes? I'm pretty sure I can feel the sodium just sitting inside me. lol.


I am still concerned about bleeding. Almost half expecting it, since I don't know what caused it. If it was a subchorionic hematoma it could be lying in wait for more bleeding, no? Anyways, I'm trying to focus on my lack of cramping. You can't miscarry without cramps right?! So for today I am pregnant, and I'm happy with that. lol. Actually tomorrow is 6 weeks so I'm thrilled with that.


I'm sorry about your missed m/c. I had one of those too. I mean my body missed it, I had to wait 2 weeks for miscarriage, but I knew within a day or 2 that something was wrong, because I could no longer find the heartbeat. So sad. :( I'm sorry you needed a d and c. I was very happy things finally progressed naturally for me. I found it all brought a lot of closure for me.

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I did tons of yard work today.  My yard was way overgrown.  Ya know its bad when some of the weeds are 4 foot trees that have to be sawed down.  


I have been working on eating much healthier for the last several months.  I seemed to have got over most of the cravings for junk, but struggling this week.  I think being pregnant brings that out in me.  I want carbs.  In my area and surrounding states there is a food co-op called Bountiful Baskets.  All fruit and veg and saves money cause there is no middle man.  I love being surprised and "forced" to try new things and eat it up before the next basket comes.  One thing I got this week was fresh figs.  Never had them before, but I can't stop thinking about making a healthy fig bar.


So glad your bean is sticking BCblondie!  I had unexplained bleeding with two of my pregnancies... a lot more than spotting.  One was at 5 weeks and the other at 9.  Both times I was convinced it was over, but ended up with healthy babies.  The one at 9 weeks I had been lightly spotting brown for a few days, so I was worried but not panicked.  I was still very sick with nausea and other symptoms.  Then one morning, as soon as I woke up I realized how great I felt.  pregnancy symptoms were gone.  I rushed to the bathroom to find that the blood was now gushing and bright red.  I was 100% positive it was over.  I went straight to see my midwife, crying all the way.  I told her to check for a heartbeat.  She was hesitant because I was only 9 weeks.  But she did anyway and we heard it!  The bleeding subsided after a couple days and never occured again.  Crazy!



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Good idea, bcblondie.  


I am just going to complain, I have a cold and I feel crappy.  I think this is the first time I have been sick since Oct 2009, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining, but I feel yuck. lol.

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gah, so tired, cant sleep...  So I started some more laundry and seasoned my old wok.  If I dont keep using it well and often, I'm going to chunk it.


i hear ya on the yard work... my yard was also terrible, but my dad came over and fixed it while i fed and entertained my mom.  She likes movies, but she doesnt pay attention, so she never knows whats going on in the show, and she wants to watch the dumbest stuff.  And then i watch it and have to know how it ends...  there goes 2 hours of my life I'll never get back, and you know the sad teen is going to win the horse championship and suddenly become popular, and the cute boy always liked her, even when she was not cool, he was just to shy to say so. 


Yeah. Right.  Because the super cute boy who is rediculously charming is a good guy.  Really?  How do you think he got to be charming???  Practice! From when he was seducng other girls!    


I wish I could just go back to sleep.

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I'm procrastinating on work. I have a huge stack of articles to write and I've been feeling so yucky that I just can't be bothered. My husband is off working today (he's a musician) and the boys are playing Wii, but asking for food every few minutes. lol. I think today I just feel like staying in bed and planning our trip to Canada and ignoring anything resembling responsibility. Too bad real life doesn't work that way! eyesroll.gif

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I am SO emotional, I am a wreck.  It's not just pregnancy hormones, it's the fact that I had to stop taking my antidepressant and mood stabilizer.  sigh.  I guess I will call my doctor this week and see what he thinks I should do.  I mean, it would be best to not take any meds of course, but I don't think crying and screaming at my family for 9 months straight is good for anyone gloomy.gif

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I am SO emotional, I am a wreck.  It's not just pregnancy hormones, it's the fact that I had to stop taking my antidepressant and mood stabilizer.  sigh.  I guess I will call my doctor this week and see what he thinks I should do.  I mean, it would be best to not take any meds of course, but I don't think crying and screaming at my family for 9 months straight is good for anyone gloomy.gif

I'm pretty sure there are antidepressants that are safe to take during pregnancy, I remember doing some research on that a while back for some articles. Your doctor should be able to help you out with that. You and your family will find it a lot easier, I'm sure!


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Maybe a weekly or monthly chat thread would be easier than a daily one, lol.  I know I sometimes barely have time to eat each day, much less check a message board.  :p 


I slept nine hours last night and still took a giant 3-hour nap today and SO needed it.  The exhaustion is really kicking in.  After church tonight, going to try to make my weekly meal plan/grocery list so I can go shopping at a cooler hour tomorrow.  The past couple weeks, I've gone shopping at like 1:00 p.m. and that is just WAY too hot. 


I'm teaching the 2-yr-old class at church this summer, and my co-teacher (who is also pregnant) and I alternate weeks.  This was my week, but I forgot my notes this morning, lol.  Managed to muddle through it okay anyway.  Had a couple of screamers in class today that I had to talk over but it wasn't too bad. 



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Originally Posted by JunebugsMom View Post

I am SO emotional, I am a wreck.  It's not just pregnancy hormones, it's the fact that I had to stop taking my antidepressant and mood stabilizer.  sigh.  I guess I will call my doctor this week and see what he thinks I should do.  I mean, it would be best to not take any meds of course, but I don't think crying and screaming at my family for 9 months straight is good for anyone gloomy.gif

I feel you.  I've gone off my meds too.  Of course, I knew it would have to happen sooner or later.  I'm no so hormonal, but I have wicked vertigo... Even rolling over in bed!


The docs did speak to me about what would be safe to continue during pregnancy, and I thought about it long and hard, because it was my three losses that resulted in me ending up on meds anyway, and the thought of how I would deal with another (possible) loss without them is SO scary.  They said to me that it is better to take the meds if the benefits outweigh the risks to the mother's health.  Also, my understanding is that there is very little risk with antidepressants in the first tri, so perhaps you could stay on them for a little while longer and see how you are doing later in the pregnancy?  Remember that the mother's well being (or lack of) can also have negative effects on a developing child, so I think the sooner you can see a doc, the better. 


At the end of the day, I want to do everything I can to give my bub the best possible chance, so I stopped them.  That is MY decision, and is not necessarily what is best for others.  My only suggestion is if you want to stick it out, is to get into some counselling.  I think that would at least help take the edge off.  I've explained to my doc that I want a social worker or shrink to be part of my ante natal care without a doubt. 




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Hey all, a nice weekend here. We took DS to Story Land in North Conway for his 2nd birthday and stayed overnight in a sweet little hotel with a pool. DS LOVED it. We all had a lie-in on  Saturday until 7:30 (bliss) and we've had a nice relaxed weekend with a long run this morning and the lake this afternoon. But now I have so much to do.. the house and garden are in shambles and it's a busy week all around. And did I say I was nervous about my u/s on Thursday!?


To get to know one another a bit more perhaps we could share something about ourselves... maybe start with three things. I have to say that I find it easier to remember people when I can connect them to 'facts' about themselves!


1) I am English living in the US (almost ten years!)

2) I'm a professor

3) I'm vegan (sorry bacon lover!)

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8 in tuglywood I've got some kind of pricky weed that's 4 feet tall! I gotta get on that.
I'm sorry about your past miscarriage scares. It's the most awful thing.


Kyamo it's ok to complain. We know you're still happy to be pregnant. But pregnancy comes at a price sometimes.


LOL baconlover. Tangent much? That's hilarious. I hate dumb  movies too.


Freelance mom, where in canada? I'm in winnipeg manitoba. :) Get on that work, missy.


Junebugs I hope you start feeling better soon.


Harmony, I kind of meant it to be an ongoing thread. Idon't really understand the point of restarting it monthly. People just lose subscriptions that way. Feel free to post as frequently or infrequently as you want! Pop in when you can, update us, do personals if you can but you don't haev to!!

9 hours of sleep sounds heavenly but I hear you on teh fatigue. I think it's more the crap food I've been eating though than the pregnancy.


Milkshake good on  you for doing the best thing for your bean. I know it must be scary. Hugs.


Zubeldia good idea:

I'm artsy crafty and addicted to scrapbooking. 

My parents were born in Holland so I'm sorta dutch but I can't speak a word of it.

I like cooking and baking new things. But not so much things I've already done.


AFM I'm really bummed. I feel like I missed out on the exciting "I'm pregnant" announcement with friends because we announced it when we thought we were m/cing. And now I feel like no one even cares because a) it's my 4th pg and b) I'll prob just m/c again. :(

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Originally Posted by zubeldia View Post

 3) I'm vegan (sorry bacon lover!)

I'm vegan too.  Was your last pregnancy vegan? I am very interested because my last 2 were not, but I definitely want to maintain my vegan lifestyle during this pregnancy.  I have found that this pregnancy I have been able to get a hold of my hunger a lot easier than before.  It is probably because I am more conscious of what is going on with my body.  Is there anything that you are going to be more conscientious about with the pregnancy?  I have been taking Folic Acid, B12 and just ordered some Omega 3 DHA from a plant source.  I am so excited to find a fellow vegan expecting in March! 


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Thanks for the kind words and input, mamas.  I've been on low doses of antidpressants with both of my kids, so I may end up doing that again.  I knew that I had to stop my current ones though because they are not really on the "safe" list.  I've also been putting off calling my shrink and telling him that I'm pregnant....I've been with him for a long time and he really knows his meds, BUT honestly his "bedside manner" is really lacking (I see him for meds management only, not therapy).  I'm feeling like I'll get some negative comments from him like "sigh, why did you have to go and get pregnant, sigh, what are we going to do about your meds, sigh".  You get the idea.  ugh.  Anyway, DH thinks that I should try to hold out without meds for a little longer and see how it goes.  Honestly I'm not sure how much of what I'm feeling is normal pregnancy mood swings.  And really, the post partum period scares me MUCH more than pregnancy.



1.  I am addicted to sewing, knitting, and crochetingknit.gif

2.  I've been taking a bellydance class since January and. I just LOVE it.  I'm bummed that the past few weeks my morning sickness has kept me from going bellyhair.gif


3.  I have a part-time job that I really dislike (but we need the money). 

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Oh bcblondie, if only you knew how many times I've been called tangent.  When I was in college I was dating a nerd who said "If you were a function, you'd be disjoint" ...   so its a lifelong defect / eccentric attribute :)  On the plus side:  "CONGRATULATIONS!!!  YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!! WOOO HOO!"  The great things about forums is you can celebrate with lots and lots of people.  We'll totally celebrate your pregnancy with you :)


Goodness, who knew there were so many vegans on this forum???  J/K, on a natural promoting hippie style forum, I'd be shocked if there weren't vegans here :)  I wholy support people's choices to choose whats best for themselves and their bodies and families, just as many people support mine.  Though it makes me sad that other people don't get to experience the sheer joy I get from bacon.  I'm sure they get their joy from coconuts or green beans in olive oil or something...


So 3 things...Er

1) I love bacon

2) I'm obsessive about whatever has my focus, right now its being pregnant and eating my food plan to get lots of nutrition.  Previous obsessions include trying to potty train a cat, sailing, learning to ride a motorcycle, buying a car and the accompanying research, scrapbooking (that lasted $150 and a weekend), doing BFing research (no kids yet, 1 prior preg.) etc.

3) I used to be really logical and rational before we got pos.gif

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My 6 year old loves bacon.  He also loves pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, and when I asked him to name his recipe he decided on "Better than Bacon Muffins" lol.gif

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Originally Posted by BaconLover View Post
 Previous obsessions include trying to potty train a cat,

LOL at "green beans in olive oil."  And I also used to try to potty train a cat.  All I ended up with was a lot of wheat-based littler down the drain and a cat who pooped in the tub.  :rolleyes: 



Guess I'll share my 3 things.  :)


1)  I was born with a tooth (and when my permanent teeth came in, I had an extra one, which they pulled b/c my mouth wouldn't have been big enough otherwise). 

2)  I feel like DH and I are financially stuck b/c of our educational background (or lack thereof) and no way for us to go back to school, and therefore our income is severely limited and I feel like we're going to be stuck in this 2-BR/1-BA apartment for.ev.er.  We don't even make enough to RENT a house, or move to a bigger apartment or anything.  :( 

3)  I love Taco Bell.  :lol:

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