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Other - Anyone else wake up with a dry mouth even though you know you drank a lot of water the day before?

Hmm.. that happens to me all the time, pregnant or no.  



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Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post

ALL the time!  My dry mouth wakes me up at night, lol.


In other news, I am telling my co-teacher tonight.  Still agonizing over just the right words to use, lol, but I'm sure something will come to me.  Morning sickness has arrived today so I'll probably mention that to her, lol.



LOL about mentioning the morning sickness to tell her. With my first I was trying to keep it a secret at work, but threw up right in front of my supervisor (it happened so fast and I wasn't used to it). She got all panicky and said "You shouldn't be here if you are sick, I'm pregnant and don't want to get it". Then I told her I was pregnant.

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I've never been so freakin' thirsty in my life... which bites, because peeing a million times a night is less than fun.


My three things:

1) I'm vegetarian for moral reasons and have been since I was a child.  DP and the rest my family all eat meat.  I'm heading towards vegan though, slowly but surely.  DP thinks I am a crazy person, and hates that he has to check the ingredients panels (for gelatine, rennet, etc)  when he goes to the shops. 


2) I don't follow recipes.  I just make things up when I am cooking, and add whatever strikes me.  Also, I do actually cook (some) meat for DP, although I'd prefer not to. 


3) I'm trying to learn to knit, but it take SO LONG compared to crochet

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