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When I was younger I thought the more gold and diamonds the better.  But my entire family is that way.  My mom is always complaining that her wedding ring isn't big enough.  Then my own dad, grandpa and brother wear pinky rings... with diamonds.  So sad.  I was passed down my grandmothers wedding ring.  It's 5 ks in the shape of an S.  It's gaudy and ridiculous.  I have that put away.  My brother asked for it recently he actually wants to give it to his fiance...  To each their own. 


Mine I never wear anymore.  I dislike wearing jewelry now.  I destroy it all anyway.  It's amazing the amount of broken rings, necklaces and such I have in a box in my safe. 


That being said if we were to exchange vows again or just recommit in someway I'd be fine with a tattoo, I can't think of anything I would wear and not destroy or wear and feel good about.

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I now see rings as a cultural sanction of mass advertising.  And when you think about the civil wars that are fueled by "blood diamonds," it makes it even worse.  We usually don't wear our rings, and wouldn't buy them again if we had to make the choice over. 

That's why you should buy Canadian diamonds i fyou want diamonds. Not an issue here, as far as I'm aware.
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Our original wedding bands were just plain gold. I don't like fancy wedding rings. I swelled so much with dd2 I couldn't wear my rings, and so dh bought me a larger plain band. Which I'm still wearing 11 years later. My original one I still can't get on. My engagement ring (which was bigger than my band) is a small diamond with a smaller diamond on each side. I don't like big stones, they look fake.

I was engaged before, and had described what I wanted in an engagement ring to the jeweller making it. It came out nothing like I described, but I still liked it. But I had an amethyst in it, which I wanted this time, but didn't feel right using the same stone for two engagements. Oh well.

So would I change these ones? Probably not now, they were given with love, but I'd like to be able to wear the original!
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nope i wouldnt want different rings i love my rings.

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I love my rings I have .5 carat radiant cut solitare engagement ring with a sparkly band of diamonds set in a twisted shank. I love that I've never seen another ring quite like my wedding band but its still rather convential. I'm less than a year married though so I think I'm still in love with these rings and it might change over time. The process of choosing them was a special time for me and my hubby so I think I will continue to love them so much. 

I will add that my dear friend Julia was recently proposed to with a handcrafted ring with 1 carat stone in a low-profile setting that is so natural looking and just so "her". Its very earthy and not "uppity" or.... i can't find the word. Boastful? I guess the best discription of her ring is beautifully humble, soulful, and thoughtful. All of those things are perfect for her and her fiance! I love the ring and think it symbolizes them so well. I wouldn't want the ring for me but I am so thrilled that he found something so perfect. Its silly since it's just some metal and a stone but it means a lot. Thinking about them, the ring, the proposal, it all gives me the chills. :) I'm such a sapp.

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The first time around, it was rather cheap, thin gold rings without pattern or anything, just what they had in the store. I still think I might melt in the gold at some point and create something pretty out of it. At some point in future when DD and DS give me a bit of time.
The second time around we had them especially made and designed for us using some of the gold of DH previous wedding band. No stones on them. I don't like diamonds, and DH wouldn't have gone with other stones. - I don't think I'll ever get married again to someone else, but if we were to have some sort of reafirming ceremony, it would be the same rings again.
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No, I don't wear mine now.  It in no way shows or proves my commitment and love for DH.  Never could never will.  Nor would it show his. 

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I think I'd just like some rings full stop. DH doesn't do jewellery (never has) but for some reason after 20 years I feel the need for 'something' wry lol


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