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Help me figure out best choice for formula

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I'm trying to figure out what to do about formula for our baby girl. I'm having a hard time comparing the price, quality and nutrition of different types of formula. We'll need to use soy (baby girl has a dairy allergy) and in general prefer organics. The organic formulas seem much more expensive than the others and we are on a budget - one of the things I'm trying to compare is whether it is worth it to pay more (like double the price) for organic formula, given that it's still made with ingredients like corn syrup.


Our daughter was adopted at 5 months old. I induced lactation and she has had almost exclusively breastmilk for the last 4 months, along with solid food. My supply is not so good at this point (she never breastfed so I was just pumping). We've been going through a freezer full of donated breast milk too. We will probably need to do formula 1-3 bottles a day.


Hoping someone else has done some thinking on this issue! Thank you.



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Have you checked Whole Foods?  I am pretty sure I've seen it there, and I would think for sure you could find one to fit your specifications there.  Please remember to use flouride-free water (no tap)!  I have fluorosis (decay, pitting and staining) of the teeth from being fed formula and fluoride as a babe.

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You might want to also ask the moms at www.asklenore.com. I'm guessing you've been there as it's the source for info on adoptive nursing, but am suggesting just in case.


When I thought we might have to use formula I considered this: http://www.amazon.com/Babys-Only-Fortified-12-7-Ounce-Canister/dp/B000063D0C/ref=sr_1_6?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1312614072&sr=1-6 It uses rice syrup rather than corn syrup. Here's more info: http://www.naturesone.com/soy/  And here's a chart comparing nutrition to other formulas http://www.naturesone.com/pdf/N1-LeadingSoyBrands.pdf#view=FitH,0


By my math, your daughter is 9 months which means in 3 months you can stop with the formula. When my adopted daughter turned a year I gave our frozen donor breastmilk to a newborn and started supplementing with cow's milk (in the supplementer.) She turns 3 next week and we recently realized she has a dairy sensitivity. I am giving her coconut milk in the supplementer as it does not clog up the tube. She gets rice dream with meals and in cooked foods (rice dream and trader joe's brand are the only non-dairy beverages I could find without carageenan which is an intestinal irritant.)

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