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Type 1 diabetes?

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My son will be three tomorrow.   For the past few weeks, he's been voiding a huge amount of urine, has been terribly thirsty, has occasionally been vomiting for no known reason and has been pretty cranky.  This morning, I decided to try a fasting blood glucose on him.  Yep- 195. 


I'll take him in to the clinic tomorrow for an A1C, but based on the symptoms and the blood sugar, I'm pretty sure we have a reasonable picture.  Luckily, our diet is pretty decent in general, though we'll have to be more careful going forward. 


I am comfortable dealing with diabetes in adults- particularly type 2, but am not as comfortable with type 1 with such a very early onset.  


Anyone have any suggestions for things I really need to know before this appointment or going forward? 

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I hope your appt. had good news...


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Just noticed this post. Hope your visit went well!  My daughter was diagnosed at 2 so I've been there...if your son is T1 and I can help you with anything, let me know. Good luck!

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