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2yo not peeing enough

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DD turned 2 in may.  For the past month or so she has only been peeing moderate amounts 3-4 times in 24 hours (usually only 3x).  I'm pregnant and I've noticed a decrease in supply a few weeks ago, and she's definitely increased her food and water intake since then.  She is partially potty trained (we did EC and she has been able to hold it all night since she was 8 weeks old!).  She pees when she first wakes up, and then usually not until after her nap (sometimes once in between though), and then again before bed.  Its yellow urine (more dark first thing in the am) and I try offering her more water and leave water sitting around all day, but she refuses to drink most of the time.  She won't drink milk and only sometimes will drink juice.  And she freaks out if I try to take her potty more frequently... the only way I can get her to pee more often is to put her in the bathtub with the water on.  Should I take her to the doc?  She acts fine, plenty of energy, no change in mood, doesn't act like she's in pain, no fever.....


Edit: I just weighed one of her wet diapers and it was about 56g of pee... she hadn't gone in 8 hours  

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My two year old is only a 3x a day peer - she drinks when she's thirsty and calls me when she pees in the potty so i know she is.  We joke she is part camel.

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I guess I would try offering more water, maybe flavoring it with some squeezed lemon or orange juice?  I dont know if you should take her to the doc, but if this is worrying you than maybe you should to ease your mind or get more advice?  Also you could try getting a special cup that she likes a lot, that could encourage her to drink.  My family is always making fun of me because I ALWAYS have a cup of water for DD and I am constantly offering it to her.  http://www.amazon.com/Thermos-Phases-Stainless-Bottle-Purple/dp/B002UJGK1C/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1311059748&sr=8-3   This is what I have, and I just grab it and put the straw up to her mouth and usually she takes a drink.  I am hoping to get her in the habit of drinking a lot of water.  Her pee is never very yellow.  And with this container I dont have to constantly change the water because it gets warm or tastes like plastic:)

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