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what do you put in your nightstand table??

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I just acquired a nightstand table.  I haven't had one in many years.  What do you put in yours?? 

It just seems that every drawer (in my house) turns into a junk drawer.  What do you think??

I have two drawers and they are decent sized. 

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My nightstand drawer only has a few doing-the-deed items in it. By some miracle I've been able to keep it from becoming a junk drawer. It's everything that's ON it that makes it a mess. lol.gif I've kept a flashlight in the drawer at times--something I really should do again.
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My night stand doesn't have a drawer it does have a shelf and I usually have a book there and a book light. On the table top I have a lamp. A radio and usually a needle felt project.


Dh has a low two shelf bookcase. On top he has a lamp, the rest of the bookcase is taken up by books and he has a storage cube for his extra stuff.

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My night stand has 4 open shelves. 


The top shelf has a lamp plus 2 decorative boxes that sit one on top of the other, which hold small items I may need at night such as ear plugs, eye patch for sleeping in, nail file, bandaids, nail clippers etc)


The second shelf holds another 2 decorative boxes that sit neatly on top of each other, plus my alarm clock, moisturiser and a small pin dish to hold my shea butter lip balm I put on before sleep.


The next shelf has a box of tissues and a torch.


The bottom shelf has a ceramic tray where I put my kindle and reading glasses.

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Junk.  I got rid of the side table, because all it collected was dust and junk.  


Personal, unmentionable items get put on a high shelf in the closet, but that is more due to the very curious, small people in my house.  


I have a lamp that is mounted on the wall above our bed for reading and usually leave one book on the floor by the bed.  Not much else.  I could probably use some hand cream and lip balm by the bed, but I am usually too dang tired and crash into bed without bothering with refinements.  

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Funny, just last night I was thinking the nightstands we have in the attic would look nice in our bedroom but I'm too worried they'll just collect junk!! Drawers are dangerous in this house...

We just have a small shelf on the bedside. It has some of DS's books, 2 of his stuffed toys, whatever book I'm currently reading, a lamp, my glasses, and sometimes a towel or cloth rags (to clean up if DS has a runny nose or feels sick or whatever).
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Junk!  On top I have a bin with infant gowns, wipes and diapers, a wipe warmer and a lamp.  The first drawer has the leftover stuff from the hospital like chucks, swabs and a puke bin.  Second drawer is a hair dryer I used to dry baby's bum, a candle warmer, yarn ... junk filled to the top!  The last drawer is prepregnancy shorts (like 2006!) Yepp drawers are dangerous!


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On top of mine is a lamp, clock, small fan and wedding pics of me and dh. It has a small drawer and a larger drawer in which I keep my purse, bible, small memory box of my last kitty, small box of sewing items for mending, pens, bookmarks, sleep mask, flashlight and other assorted stuff that I guess I need to go through and declutter but it's not too bad.

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Top: air purifier and usually a book or a stack of them, which includes my journal that has a pen in the spiral spine, and usually some sort of flower essence or cell salt (or several of each) and at least one pair of glasses (Zenni Optical made glasses so affordable I have several pairs now!)


Top Drawer: rice bag for eyes, glasses when they are not on top, cleaning cloths for glasses, aloe life skin gel (which doubles as lubricant)


Bottom Drawer: rice bag for body, book lights, and geez I think that's it


My nightstand is purposely small.

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as little as possible


hand lotion




alarm clock on top


that's it


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I have two shy.gif but one is suppose to be my DH's and he will reclaim it when he gets back. They both have a small drawers then a cupboard with a shelf. Right now in one I have a bunch of sewing stuff since Ive been knitting/sewing in bed. In the cupboard potion I have brushes for DDs and myself, DD's hairties, and the feet for both nightstands (got these used and the old owners for whatever reason didn't use the feet, I haven't put them back on yet). On top is car keys, unused diapers (for changes), wipes and my IPAD. The other one is full of junk but I plan on emptying it and using it to put stuff for DH's care packages then have whatever package Im working on at the moment on top.

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pajamas in one and extra undergarments in the other (the fancy stuff).
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My nightstand is just a very small table tucked in the corner behind the cosleeper.  It usually holds:

a bottle of water (tandem nursing mama -- hydrate hydrate hydrate!!!) 

the baby monitor

my glasses (while I'm sleeping) 


DH's nightstand has two shelves that collect junk unless I'm really careful, so I try to keep them empty.  When I clean up our room I usually scoop up all DD's toys that have made their way into our room, and put them there.  On the top of his nightstand:

small fan

bedside lamp

his glasses, watch, phone and keys (while he's sleeping)


DH also uses his smartphone as an alarm clock, which I think is a lovely idea.  It props up on its own little stand and has a nighttime clock setting so it shows the time in faint glowing numbers.  That way we don't have to clutter our room up with another clock. 


I can't wait 'til I can keep a book on my bedside table again, 'cause that'll mean I'm able to read in bed again.  For now, any moment that the kids are sleeping, so am I!!! 


ETA: In our pre-baby married life, 'unmentionables' of various kinds were kept close to the bed.  Now, they live in a dusty box on top of DH's dresser, or tucked away in the back of my top dresser drawer.  Every so often we remember where they are... and maybe someday they'll come back into regular usage! 

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On top of mine I have a lamp, an alarm clock and a telephone.


I have three drawers. The top one just holds my sleep mask (I sleep best with no light!), the second drawer holds 1-2 books I am reading and when I have a new baby it holds misc. baby things I might need in the middle of the night. The bottom drawer is pretty big and holds my heated blanket.

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...on Sex and the City they call it a "goody drawer." Enough said.

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I'm too much of a minimalist to have a night stand.  My glasses go on the window sill at bed time and my water bottle sits on the floor.

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