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New Philly Babywearing Group!

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Slings, Support and More!

Free monthly meetings

  • Every 3rd Thursday @ 11 am

  • Every 3rd meeting @ 7 pm

Next meeting: July 21 @ 11 am


Are you curious about babywearing, but don’t know where to start? Do have a sling sitting around unused? Not sure how to use the beautiful wrap someone bought you as a gift?

Come to a meeting, try on a sling, learn safe babywearing, or share your expertise and questions.


Contact us at alivingfamily1@yahoo.com

Website:  http://alivingfamily.com/philly-babywearers/

Facebook:  Philly Babywearers

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there is no location for this anywhere on the website.  is that on purpose?

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Yes, it is on purpose. It is at my house, so I figured I would have people email first. Hope that works for you!

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Next meeting: Thursday, Aug. 11 at 3 pm!

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