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The Good Things Thread

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With summer upon us, it is hot and sticky.  There are a lot of discomforts and lots of grumps (totally, absolutely legitimate grumps!)


But there are good things too. 


So what are your good things for today?



For me?  I'm having quesadilla from Moe's for lunch with obscene amounts of sour cream and salsa.  And it will be delicious.  And salsa-y.  And baby girl has shifted away from my hip (where, according to DH she had been ramming into my femoral nerve causing me to have to wiggle constantly).  Yay shifty babies!

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I love that little Thrasher is such a wiggle worm that I can see him moving around even when I can't feel him kicking. My belly is like a bowl of jello wiggling! When I wake up in the morning, he's going crazy and I can put DH's hand just about anywhere and he can feel him.

I also love that my husband has been begging me to "push out" his son since Father's Day. He wants to meet him NOW and says he already misses him, even though he hasn't met him yet. I have to continue to explain that the kid needs to cook longer, and if he wants to bring his son straight home and avoid the NICU, he has to wait until the end of September. smile.gif
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Great idea!!!


I'm smiling today because I really like my outfit.  A dear friend gave me her old maternity clothes, and they are stylish, cute, and colorful.  I tend to wear darker colors, so I have really been enjoying wearing bright clothes that fit really well!


Also, I absolutely love when omee moves and makes my whole belly ripple... like something out of Alien (but not in a scary way)

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I'm about to go take a nap! What could be better than that?!

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Hooray for naps and squirmy, squirrelly babies! Livacreature, I'm so glad you started this thread because I was having a horrible day, and really needed the reminder that honestly, I do have so many good things in my life to be thankful for.


The reason my day started out so awful was that I worked a 14-hour day on Saturday as logistics chief for a search and rescue here on the mountain...pretty stressful, and way too long of a day for a pregnant lady, so I was still totally burned out this morning. BUT...I just found out that I will actually probably get paid overtime for the whole 14 hours, and I wasn't expecting to get OT for ANY of it...so that's really a very good thing! And we did the find the guy (still alive thank goodness!), so that's another good thing (for him especially!).


ETA: So I don't get any overtime pay...but I did get a raise! And Puente, I'm so sorry about your friendhug2.gif! The guy we rescued is going to be ok...65 years old, two nights out on the mountain with a fractured ankle and nothing but a daypack, so we were prepared for the worst...it's just so wonderful when these things end well against the odds!

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I'm loving how active Thumper is. He's been squirming around all afternoon bringing smiles to my face!

I also love how my 3-year-old son relates to baby. Yesterday he put a cushion on my stomach to "keep the baby warm" (we'll have a talk about not actually doing that to baby wink1.gif ), and yesterday at the park he was pushing an empty swing when we heard him saying "You want to go higher little brother? OK." "You want to stop now little brother? OK I'll help you." My goodness, this on top of all the hugs and kisses he's been giving lately joy.gif
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Thanks for the great thread!


I love that I'm puking less.

I love that I can still ride my bike and haul dd in the trailer.

I love being off of work and enjoying outdoor music festivals with my toddler and my baby-to-be.

I love going to the head of the line at said festivals because pregnant mamas and toddlers get first dibs.

I love feeling the rolls and pokes and thumps.

I love the time I have left with just one child, and can't wait for number two!

I love that sex is so great right now.

I love that my house is tidy (yay for nesting!) and organized.

I love that the weather is finally better.


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LaBruja-- I almost stopped reading your post because I thought I knew how it ended, and I'm so happy that I kept reading!  A friend of a dear friend was the object of a search and rescue mission in the Rockies on Saturday and the outcome was not a happy one. I'm so glad that one wasn't yours.  I'm totally jazzed that people like you exist, that you found the guy, AND that you get overtime for it.  No one deserves it more.  


Besides being grateful for LaBruja's news, I'm grateful that my dad didn't have to do his cancer surgery today (although it will still be soon), I'm grateful that my boss didn't make me go to DC for a week's worth of stressful marathon meetings, I'm grateful that almost everyone else did go so I get to actually get some work done this week.   I'm grateful I got to spend Sunday afternoon at home writing the best, most comprehensive to do list ever.   I'm grateful that despite the fact I don't have sisters, I have 3 sisters in law, and a mother in law who have volunteered to come hang out with me post-birth.   The all live away, and only one of them lives within driving distance, and have so much of their own stuff to do, that even if no one can come in the end, the idea that they'd try is just so so appreciated. 



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I love/am thankful for:


-the past week we spent visiting my grandparents on their homestead, time is so precious lately.

-the serger my grandma gave me!!!! You have no idea how happy this alone makes me lol

-the hugs and kisses my 19 month old DS gives me.

-definitely the time left with just one child, I'm trying to treasure every moment.



-good friends

-nap times

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I love the moments when I am reading to my 3 1/2 year old, and little pumpkin starts to kick and squirm and I can feel both of my loves close to me.

I love that I decided to not go to the gym, and instead stay home and eat zucchini bread and watch the cooking channel.

I love that tonight I am cooking one of my favorites - cauliflower and lentil curry stew with a dollop of greek yogurt and toasted pita bread. Yum.

I love to be reminded to see the beautiful and good in my day, and in life.
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I love this thread! LOL!


I love cuddling my daughter while feeling her baby sister kick

I love all the growing that is happening in the garden and greenhouse these days

I love that my trip to visit family is fast approaching! So so excited for this!!

I love that it is not raining

I love that all the boxes of baby clothes and diapers are sorted and labeled by size

I love my babies squirms and wiggles

I love when my toddler randomly kisses my belly and says "I love you Baby Sister!"

And I just plain old love being pregnant! I'll miss it! LOL!


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Today, DH cooked dinner and served it to me on the couch.  Then I had a nice cool shower, had storytime with DS, and now I'm eating strawberries and bananas with whipped cream!  Life's really not so bad!

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We went swimming in a river gorge near home yesterday. The water was cool and sparkling clean. It was heavenly.


Our families are throwing us a baby shower this weekend. We'll see lots of family and friends, we;ll spend the weekend at my dad's which is on a lake and a lovely place to be in the summer, and we'll load up on things baby needs. There will probably be lots of good food too. All round good.

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Great idea!!! I wonder how many posts we'll have here by the time October rolls around?!


My squatting at the gym is still going great - I'm hitting depth even with almost no weight on my back which is something I couldn't do a few months ago!

That the old t-shirt I wore to the gym tonight (that I wore when I was at my heaviest weight) was so ridiculously long I actually got my knee caught in it doing step-ups!

That ds is SO loving to the baby. He starts every day with a little visit with my belly. So sweet.

That my blood glucose numbers are better than last time & so all my efforts might actually be paying off.

That I have a decent dress to wear to a wedding this weekend & so for once it won't be a stress to figure out what to wear that feels good.

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I'm loving the pool - just got back from an hour of swimming laps and feeling so energized!

I'm also loving all the movement in my belly - finally starting to feel a connection to the creature inside me. love.gif
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I too am loving the pool...swam  laps for an hour too...first time in a pool without the kiddos since I was pg with my first!!!!! Glorious!!!


my arms ached in the middle of the night though...lol

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We had some bad storms last night, several of my friends lost power, but we didn't.  I've never used our AC much, but man, it is blasting now and my FAVORITE thing. 


Once we get in to the new house, my eighteen year old girlie is coming up for a few days to help us paint and get a fence up.  She rocks. 


I have baby's first halloween costume all figured out...She's going to be Dobby the house elf.  I figure, she might still have some of that fresh baby crinkle, so the multi-layered socks will be just perfect for hanging out on the front porch in PA on Halloween.


My friends make me smile.

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I love cuddling DS and feeling the baby move at the same time.

I love when I am in the bath and the baby kicks and the water actually ripples.

I love watermelon and cherries.

I love when DS lifts my shirt and then gives my belly a raspberry, kiss, and then hug.


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Wow, what a great thread. How can I not join in?


I love that my DH is so good about taking care of me, and already so absolutely in love with our little boy. I love how excited he got the first time he felt him kick!

I love when I feel baby start kicking around in my belly in response to my movements.

I love how my little sister will talk to and tease the baby right through my stomach--and how adamant she is that she WILL NOT babysit even though she'll only be 6 when he's born.

I love how her 10 year old friend has all these misconceptions about pregnancy. "Pregnant people can't drive! They're in too much pain to drive!" She thinks it's 9 months of labor.

I love having new clothes (even if they're just new-to-me). I like maternity clothes!

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It's been a really rough couple days around here (which is why I've been so quiet on the board). But I'm super glad that I stumbled across this blog. Holy food porn! So many good looking recipes on here! I made the cupcake part of the Banana Split Cupcakes last night, just need to make the frosting and assemble them. Yum!

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