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Baby formula

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We're about to relocate to London , my baby is currently on similac. To my surprise, although it manufactured in Ireland , I can't find it over UK. Does anyone knows what's the equivalent with the UK brands?? Please help, we tried everything from where we are coming from and Similac is the only one that works for him. ( he has reflux) thank you!!
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I don't know about Similac but you can find special 'colic' formulas for babies. Hypoallergenic formula is available by prescription only. Make sure you take a good 3-4 weeks of formula with you in case you do need a script or you have trouble finding one that your babe can tolerate. 


'Aptamil' is a big brand over there, maybe look up the ingredients online and see how it compares with what you are currently using. Good luck, hopefully you don't have to go through too many brands to find one that works!

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SMA is pretty common in the UK, too. 

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