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I'm loving the pics!


Happy to say that I finally have a toddler on my hands! After months of cruising and confident walking while clutching mamas hand, O decided to just up and walk today. We were playing and he just let go of his toy basket and walked across the living room! I was actually quite shocked but I'm SO happy he did it! joy.gif He doesn't really have any words yet (at 14 months) so I'm a starting to get a little concerned about that, but maybe now that the walking thing has happened more words will come? He does say "mama", and he knows the sign for "milk" and "all gone/all done" and he can wave bye bye. He's also very effective at communicating with grunting, haha. I'm trying not to worry as he's hitting every other milestone ...


We had a rough month, my MIL passed away on Aug. 13th of lung cancer; we were "prepared", but it just threw us all for a loop. She was a child development specialist and such a wonderful, loving person, and awesome grandma and my go-to person for most mothering questions (and the only one supportive of our AP style) ... I would normally be getting her advice ... :(


We spent the week before Labor day camping in Yosemite- we all needed the vacation, and DS had a blast! We rode bikes and went hiking and he got to swim in a pool, a river, and a lake! He's a real water babe, and totally fearless. He spent most of his time in the river playing with a rock and crawling over a drifted log, lol ... 


We are also dealing with some separation anxiety, esp this week as I went back to school after having 3 wks off. DS is still nursing, mostly at night and mornings, and some days I feel like he's a newborn again! I don't think he'll be ready to wean any time soon, which makes me simultaneously happy and sad (I swear sometimes it feels like he is sucking my nipples right off!). He has 8 teeth, 2 of which are molars and the other 2 molars are starting to break through; his eating has decreased but he will eat pretty much anything I give him. 


Right now his favorite games are chasing, putting-things-into-a-container-and-taking-them-out, stacking rings/blocks on a stick, and playing catch with the dog (he really does! It's the most adorable thing); favorite food is banana; favorite song is Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush winky.gif



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Looks like Oliver had a great time camping! We were thinking of going camping this winter with K, but not sure if he or we are ready for it.


We are still having sleep issues. I'm so fed up with it all. It's not NEARLY as bad as it was say around the time K was 10-11 months old, but we still have some pretty bad nights. No, I didn't night wean...yet. I've decided to wait just a little while longer until he can understand it all. Hopefully that will come before our christmas vacation. Sigh. He sleeps really well from 8-12 or 1, so we are happy about that. Then after that it can be anywhere from 2 to a zillion wakings. After 2 wakings I take him in with us and give up on any kind of good sleep for the night. A friend of mine suggested he might be hungry and not satisfied with nursing since the nursing is not really getting him back to sleep sometimes. So for a few nights we've been giving him banana and a cup of goat milk. We just give it to him quietly in the bedroom after his first waking with the night light on and he eats it all up and drinks. The first night it seemed to work really well so we were all jazzed about it. The last couple of nights not so much. I try not to get all worked up about it any more- the way I see it now is, we are closer to the point when he will STTN than we were 2 months ago, or 4, or 6... ugh. And we are closer to night weaning which may just be the key.


On a happier note, we have been keeping really busy and having some really wonderful days. I am really getting into the groove of being a SAHM now that DS can DO stuff. We go to kindermusic class which DS loves and I've found a truly wonderful playgroup- we do story time and songs and crafts and then let the kids run around while the moms have coffee. It's nice for K and it's ok for me- I still often feel like it's hard to find cool moms to hang with though. I'm always the odd duck at these things. We are still going swimming a couple times a week too.


How are the other SAHMs faring now that the kiddos are older?


I am ordering this book- The Busy Toddler Book . I've heard it's great and I really want to start arts and crafts at home with K!

I am in the process of making a giant felt board with all sorts of pieces based on his favourite books as well as letters and numbers and shapes etc. He is very interested in it already...he strokes the felt and puts the pieces I've cut together by colour!


We are out and about every day except one a week- when we stay around to catch up on the disaster that we call home. One thing about being out so much is that we only nurse 2-3 times a day before bedtime. K seems fine with this and lets me know when he really needs a cuddle and some milk. Another thing is that we are almost completely using sposies now...we were using them at night for a while because of leaks, but I seriously cannot carry around poopy cloth diapers... I was in a cafe and overheard someone say..."Do you SMELL that?" This was AFTER I had changed him and dumped the poop down the toilet. whistling.gif K can have some vicious-smelling poops! Oh well.


Oh yes- AF finally came. BOO. I was so upset. Almost 2 blissful years without it.


Hope everyone is enjoying the fall! It's finally starting to cool down here. Beach weather is coming, yea!


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Heckedy, I'm sorry for your loss. hug2.gif And expat, sorry to hear that you are still dealing with sleep issues.  Maybe teeth?


We have some big news, M finally got confident enough to take his first solo steps today!!! love.gif


I was thrilled, my only disappointment is that DH is away on an extended business trip (which just got 2 weeks added onto it) so he is really missing out.  It's been tough being a single mom (will be for a month total I think) while my work has also gotten crazy.  greensad.gif


DS has been talking up a storm, he even has some 3-syllable words including "gorilla" and "alpaca".  Still doing swim classes although we missed two weeks in a row (labor day then my busy work schedule) so that made it hard.


Took him to the beach last weekend, he had a blast in the sand.





My favorite:



And butt tracks:


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Forgot to mention, despite his varied vocabulary, M still has yet to say "mama".  Guess I'm not all that important. winky.gif

When he's older I'll have to give him a hard time about saying "alpaca" before "mama". lol.gif

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ROTFLMAO.gif  Funny stuff somegirl! Alpaca!?! Nice pictures! Such cute bum prints too.



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Hello all! My DD2 turned 1 in July and it Makes me sad! Lol I still want her to be my little baby. She's been walking since 12.5m and talking up a storm. Or maybe it's just average because DD1 didn't talk much until she was nearly 2. Eight teeth, including 2 new molars, eats TONS, sometimes more than her sister, still nursing a lot with no signs of stopping anytime soon. I'm on my phone but I'd love to come back later and post some pics.
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Oh my, we are nearing the 15 month mark!? It is just going way too fast...I can't catch up...seriously!

How is everyone?


DS has discovered a love for crayons. I bought the washable kind, thankfully, as we have had a few marks on the walls already. Inevitable, I'm sure. But I'm not sure if we are just teaching him to write on walls because we have taped up a giant roll of paper along a hallway and just let him go at it...hmm. 


We had a night time miracle happen last night- DS slept from 8pm-3am....I know- WHAT?!? Then he had his usually nursing marathon till wakeup time. But he fought his nap all day so I don't think we will have a repeat tonight...unless somehow, someway we have crossed the magic line and now he just sleeps like that. Ha.

I have written a book especially for DS to prepare him for night weaning which we are going to start in November as my DH has a vacation then. I'm working on the illustrations and I was a little depressed about how they are looking, but DS already seems to love them and he recognizes himself, me, and all the animals I've drawn so far so that's the important thing! It warmed my heart that he could understand mama's art when maybe no one else can, hehe! If he seems to have a pretty good understanding of the concepts I'm trying to get across (daytime, light, sun is up = playtime, mama milk time; night time, dark, moon is up = SLEEP, no mama milk time) then we'll try it out and see how it goes.


Anyone have Halloween costumes figured out? Our playgroup has already made big plans and we've started all sorts of halloween crafts which are fun (because I get to do most of them while DS eats glitter and gets paint on himself). Too bad I'm the only one who is anti-candy...I'm already constantly having to "unshare" the other kids' snacks all the time! Seriously, who gives packaged, processed snack-size CHEESECAKE to an 18 mo? And oreos, chips, etc. Sigh. Gross. Oh well, I guess our Halloween candy will disappear somehow...except for the chocolate which will disappear into mama and dada's bellies... Sheepish.gif


Now that DS is walking (well now he just runs everywhere) I'm constantly looking at shoes. It's become kind of an obsession. He keeps growing out of them really fast. Since he started really wearing them he's gone from a size 3-4 to a size 6. His feet seem to grow like crazy. And we've LOST some too. Well, lost one shoe from two pairs. He takes them off and chucks them or hides them and I can't find them!  Anyone else have a shoe thief? He does the same thing with my and DH's shoes too!


I am still struggling with him hitting himself on the head. It sounds terrible doesn't it? But I've read lots about it and apparently it's not that weird. It's just from normal frustration that he can't quite express properly. But wow, is it ever heartbreaking...and kind of embarrassing. Normally I don't give a sh*t what anyone thinks about me or my family, but I don't want people to think that he does this because WE hit him or there is violence in our home. shake.gif I've found the best way to deal with it is to ask him for a kiss, give him a big hug and really distract him from whatever is frustrating him. But it doesn't seem to be a behaviour that is going away anytime soon. I hope he is not a neurotic like his mama. 


DS's personality is really starting to blossom and I just love him, as a PERSON and not just my baby more each day. It's really quite amazing.

Well... hope to hear about how the other little ones and July mamas are doing!  Hope everyone is happy and well. 




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Anyone from this group expecting again?  Just found out I am pregnant with #4 due June 26th 2012!  About a week from my July 2010 due date!  Crazy!  Our last two conceptions have beat all odds...it's crazy!  Just curious if anyone else out there is as crazy as we are!  I feel like I was just on these boards with all of you!  Hope everyone is well!  My DD2 is so so busy at 15 mo...just all over the place in the best of ways.  Keeping me on my toes!

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I wish I was. Just got AF. Congratulations to you and your family!

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I really have baby fever but I don't think we'll be having anymore babies, it's just too hard on my body with the all-day, whole-pregnancy sickness and PPD. It makes me sad, I've been looking back on old newborn/baby pictures and feeling emotional. I am however, pretty happy with where we are. My girls are starting to play together and fight with one another, of course. Ainsley is an amazing little toddler. She's already started with throwing fits, which I don't remember happening so early with Mya. She gets mad and throws herself on the ground, puts her head down and screams and she isn't easily distractible! Mya used to get distracted so easily but Ainsley is a challenge. Anyway, she is funny as heck and constantly making everyone laugh.....of course she looks around to see what kind of reaction she's getting to see if she should keep up with her antics. She's climbing everything, mastered the stairs, has quite a few words. She's getting a lot pickier about what she eats now. She eats a lot of fruit though........I had to get a diaper sprayer because I couldn't deal with her poops anymore. We haven't nursed since 9 months and she's been night weaned since then, she's still sleeping 7pm-6am which I love. She's still napping twice a day but I really think the 2nd nap will be cut out right away......she's always been an easy napper (knock on wood) I ask her if she's ready for bed and she crawls up the stairs to her room and grabs her blanket (her lovey) but lately she's been having little parties in her crib before naps so I think 2 naps is getting to be a bit much.


We're a bit crazy because we got a 3 month old German Shepherd puppy a couple weeks ago so it's like having another toddler in the house and dh has to go away for a month for work so the next few weeks should be interesting.

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Congratulations, livelovelaugh! We're finished over here (Edie is our third!) but I love snuggling other peoples' little babies. 

Edie got 4 new teeth in a week and a half, for a total of 8 now (finally!) Sleep was pretty bad for a few days there but she's getting back on track. We don't nurse from bedtime until 6am (she wakes up at 6 on the nose to nurse, then sleeps for another hour, two on the weekends). She takes one nap a day, but there's no set time-- she falls asleep sometime between 9am and 2pm, usually around 11-12 though, and sleeps about 2 hours. I don't think she really gets enough sleep overall because she has a hard time going down at night (I start trying around 8:30 but it often takes 2 hours). 

Lana, Edie is getting pretty picky too. She loves fruit, cheese, eggs, and beans. She often likes meat and pasta, but not always, and you have to sneak most veggies in. My boys were never picky so we need to put a stop to this. She's so skinny, though, I can't really deny her the stuff she likes. 

Tonight's going to be Edie's second overnight. She spent the night with my sister a couple months ago and is staying with my mom tonight. My boys will be there too so I think she'll be okay. I'm mostly worried that she'll decide to stay up for the day when there's no boob around at 6 in the morning. Grandma would not be happy about that! 

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WOW! Congratulations livelovelaugh!!! Wishing you a joyful and healthy pregnancy! joy.gifHow lovely!

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I haven't been on here in forever!  Congratulations to all the new toddlers and to those of you expecting again!  I can't believe my Stella girl is 15.5 months now!  We just survived our move to Mumbai, India in July and are finally settled with our shipments, a car, and unpacking our apartment.  It has been crazy, but things are smoothing out.  Stella is starting to say a few words that are clear, but even without she gets her point across!  Today she actually pushed me to stand up so she could show me what she wanted.  It helps that she understands so much of what we say, but I will still be grateful when we can get past the gesturing and frustration of miscommunication.  She seems more and more like a toddler each day!  She's our last babe so I've been slow to work on sleep issues or weaning her.  Oh well...my older two seem relatively normal at 5 and 7 so I'm  not going to worry about these things too much.  Just enjoying what's left of my baby!  I hope to check in more often now!


Here's my Stella...trying to join her brother and sister on the soccer field!



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Congrats livelovelaugh!  Have a wonderful pregnancy!dust.gif


As for us, well, I'm a single mama now, but it'll be ok. Fritz is growing, of course, and he's got five teeth now with another on its way. He's practically running these days and climbing on everything, it's so dizzying. This morning he fell off of the coffee table because he tried to step off of it.  This is me at the moment all the time --> dizzy.gif And here's my boy in all of his 5 o'clock spaghetti shadow glory:



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Anyone else have a difficult toddler? Mine is super aggresive with his older sister. He will grab her around the next and pull her down, he bites, hits, you name it. I feel like I am a referee for a wrestling match all day! He pulled a massive chunck out of dd's hair yesterday..I don't know what to do with him. Plus he's so physical. He climbs up slides, not just the stairs, but the actualy slide, on furniture, ugh! He was so sweet and easy going as a baby and now I don't know who he is...help.gif

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That is some crazy teething MJB! Glad to hear Edie got through it, poor thing.

LRGS- I totally hear you about the fruit poops! Omg K eats so much fruit, sometimes his poop smells really...well, fruity. Except poopy-fruity, so it's still gross. But he has nice soft poo so at least we never worry about constipation! He is a little fruit addict though. Sometimes it's all he wants- it could be worse though, right? At least they don't want candy or junk.

Stella is adorable, Noah's mom!

And wow- look at Fritz's big blue eyes! He's lovely. 

Hey Terrilein, it's been a long time! Sorry to hear about you and Fritz's dad. Hope it's all for the best and that you and the kids are doing really well with it all. Yowzah re the climbing! K is not so into climbing (yet...) but he LOVES bouncing. He bounces on the couch, throwing himself around and burying himself in cushions. He also loves to bounce on his new floor bed.



How is everyone doing? Gearing up for the holidays? I am frantically preparing from Halloween... trying to finish K's costume- he's going to be a lamb. wool.gif That's if he will wear his costume. I have little hope for him wearing the ears but I hope he'll put up with the rest of it. He's really into sheep so it may work out. We're having a party in morning playgroup and our housing complex is doing a little something in the evening. It's nice that anything at all is happening here, since it's not part of the local culture.


We switched K to a double mattress on the floor after trying it out and finding that he sleep better down there and it's easy for us to lay with him when he needs us. We can hardly have him in bed with us, he's quite the acrobat in his sleep and ends up horizontal and somehow taking up most of our King sized bed. It's working out ok and K seems to like the autonomy of being able to get out of bed. I actually feel better about it too- I always thought cribs were too much like little baby cages and I hated having him in one.

We are going to attempt night weaning next week when DH is off work. Wish us luck- I'm a bit nervous about it to be honest. I hope we are doing the right thing. I have just been having terrible back and shoulder pain from nursing in bed and suffering from sleep deprivation as usual. I'm ready for some better sleep. 


What are your kiddos' nap schedules like these days? K sometimes only has one a day (ranging from 1.5-3 hours) or sometimes 2 1-hour naps. It depends on our schedule really but he does alright both ways. On the days with one nap he sometimes goes to bed a bit earlier. 


Anyone have molars yet? I think K's are coming in and he doesn't seem to happy about it, but it doesn't seem to bother him as much as it bothers some other little ones we know.


It's nice to hear about July '10 babies getting ready for little brothers or sisters! I have to admit I'm jonesing a bit for a wee baby already! We are aiming for a 3-year age gap between K and #2...so I've got a while to wait. But (and it's a secret) depending on a few things we may start ttc a little earlier than planned- maybe early this summer. I'm pretty excited about it but also feeling pressure to get myself and K ready. It's a long way away, but there's also a long list of things I'd like to get done before then too. Oh well, time will tell.


Happy Halloween everyone!


Are we going to post Halloween pics?


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Um, guys?  I just took a pregnancy test... and it was positive!



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Oh wow another one! Congrats! I have to admit I had to take one 2 weeks ago. I was so very relieved it was negative. Got my first PPAF the next day LOL. Part of me wants to start ttc this spring (if we were successful it would be the same age gap as my sis and I ) but I'm not sure we'll be ready. I'm just starting to actually enjoy being a mom. Also I just started a new job a week ago. And the top reason, I don't think we can afford 2 in daycare unless the business DP started last spring really takes off (which is possible but I'm thinking it will take a little longer ). I have no desire to be a full time stay at home mom.

AFM, Aden has croup! Oh it sucks hearing him cough constantly. Only had to give the steroids twice so far thankfully. And I'm home caring for him after 1 week at the new job. We were doing good with night weaning, not sure how that will be after nearly constant nursing since Friday afternoon.

Also, 3 molars & 2 canines came in within a day of each other a couple weeks ago and I can see that last molar too!

Hope everyone has a great Turkey day!

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Hi everyone!  It's nice to see some familiar "faces" again!  DD keeps us quite busy, she talks up a storm, has a hilarious attitude and climbs everything.  I'm really happy she has been talking so much because it was very frustrating when dd1 couldn't communicate...she would get so frustrated!  We have so much fun though, DD2 is just our whole families' ray of light. 

Originally Posted by livelovelaugh View Post

Anyone from this group expecting again?  Just found out I am pregnant with #4 due June 26th 2012!  About a week from my July 2010 due date!  Crazy!  Our last two conceptions have beat all odds...it's crazy!  Just curious if anyone else out there is as crazy as we are!  I feel like I was just on these boards with all of you!  Hope everyone is well!  My DD2 is so so busy at 15 mo...just all over the place in the best of ways.  Keeping me on my toes!


So yeah!  I just got a bfp yesterday.  I'm totally in shock.  I'm not even sure how it happened because I thought I was being careful!  We weren't planning on having more, although my husband seems happier than I expected.  He was the one that said no more, I wanted to do it all again right away last time, I would actually cry thinking she might be the last.  (pp hormones maybe?)


This will be 3 for me and 4 for our family (I have a stepson) and I just can't imagine having 4 kids!  I feel sort of crazy, we just bought a 3 bedroom house!!!  I'm not sure how people do this, but we will see I guess!  I don't think I would have planned to have two this close together but my sis and I are this close together and it's a good thing.  Bad timing though, new house (actually old, with a lot of work to be done) and I'm supposed to start my student teaching next semester!  Either way I'm not getting too excited/anxious because I've had a few losses.  This is all just crazy!

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Oh another congratulations! I'll be thinking good thoughts for all of you. Maybe I'll check out your ddc & see if that moves me in either direction!

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