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welts from mosquito bites

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Hi Jennifer,

My 14 month old son develops large swollen welts from mosquito bites.  The reaction usually lasts 24-48 hours, and he doesn't seem bothered by them.  They are usually around his mouth and eyes...the last one made his eye swell shut.  We have been using Herbal DEET free repellent which works for the most part and calendula gel for relief.  Will his body get used to them?  What can we do to either eliminate the bites (seemingly impossible since we spend a lot of time outside)?  Can we minimize his reaction?  Reduce swelling any way?  Is it not that big of a deal?


Also, bee allergies run in the family...is his reaction to mosquito bites correlated to bee allergies?


Thanks for your help!


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It sounds as though your son has a large, localized reaction to mosquito bites.  In itself, this is not concerning, however you must watch for signs that the reaction is worsening - difficulty breathing or swallowing, rash or hives that spreads beyond the site of the bite, rapid pulse, dizziness, and swelling of the face, throat, or mouth are all indicators that the reaction is worsening.  If any of these symptoms occur, seek emergency medical attention.  Generally, people with this type of reaction do not develop severe allergic reactions to bee stings.  Each body is unique, however, so keep track of you son's reactions and watch him as he gets a bit older and is more likely to be stung by a bee.  Often with allergic reactions, the reaction gets worse with each subsequent bite.  I recommend consulting an allergist if the reaction worsens over time.  There may be a homeopathic remedy for him that will ease the symptoms.  Consulting a licensed naturopathic physician would help to select the right remedy (there are over 5,000) for your son.


It sounds like you are doing what you need to in terms of prevention - a good bug repellent can certainly minimize exposure to bites!



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