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baby Abigail...picture and story

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Baby Abby was born 11 days past my due date...I tried everything I could to avoid being induced, but I was grateful my OB let me go to 11 days.  Around here that's rare!  I had two previous epidural births (the second time it failed as I was going through transition), and I really wanted to do this one without an epidural...which I did thanks to a wonderful doula!


For about a week before she was born, I was having hours of 10 minute apart contractions that fizzled out into nothing.  I did everything my doula suggested to keep them going or to start them again, but they just wouldn't last.  I tried some positioning techniques in case that was the problem and it didn't work, either.  So in I went for the induction.  OB broke my water at 8am...two hours later I had no contractions, so they started me on the lowest dose of Pitocin.  They very slowly increased it, which again I was thankful for...the previous two times I was just loaded with Pit from the beginning to get the baby out as quick as possible.  At around 1pm my OB came to check me, and I was 5cm.  I had been handling the contractions just fine.  Around 4 pm they checked me again and I was only 6cm.  At that point they had increased the Pit a whole lot because my contractions just weren't productive or close together, and handling them was getting much harder.  At around 6pm they checked me again, and I hadn't changed at all.  I was so defeated at that point...I thought it was going to be hours before I had the baby, and with the Pit near maxed out I just couldn't handle the contractions any more.


Totally disappointed but not knowing what else to do, I said I was ready for the epidural.  The anesthesiologist was in surgery and it was going to be 25 minutes before he could get there.  I asked for a dose of Nubain because I didn't think I could handle any more at that point.  Within a few minutes of getting the Nubain, I started making uncontrollable moaning noises and I heard my doula tell my husband that she thought they were transition noises.  A few contractions after that I told my doula and my husband that my body was pushing and I couldn't stop it.  The nurse ran in, checked me...and I was complete.  I went from 6.5cm to complete in about 30 minutes.  My OB came in as she was starting to crown...she was born at 6:27pm.  Thankfully the anesthesiologist never made it.


I'm still a little sad my body didn't go into labor on it's own and I'll never experience what it's like for that to happen, but I am very grateful I was able to have an epidural free birth and actually push my baby out and feel everything about that.  I'm disappointed I got the Nubain and asked for an epidural, but I honestly thought at that point and being 6.5 cm that it would be midnight before she was born and I just couldn't take it any more. 


She was 8 pounds 14 ounces, my biggest baby...super chunky and wide awake when she came out.  My previous two births I had episiotomies, this time I had a minor tear that only took a couple stitches.  She's 6 days old and I'm pretty much completely feeling normal at this point...I knew I would feel better without the epidural!


Here is a picture of my chunky baby girl...I had progesterone issues in the beginning, and after having two miscarriages between my other two kiddos I didn't really think there would be a third.  Our family is now complete.  :)


And here is a link to my friend's blog...I am a birth photographer, and she is my backup partner...she photographed the birth for me...




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Thank you for sharing your story! Huge congrats...hope you're enjoying your baby moon!
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Yay!  Good for you, Mama!  Welcome precious Abigail (a long time favorite name of mine!)!


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Congratulations!  Don't you just love having a birth photographer there!  I had one for this baby, my last, and I love the pictures!!!!

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