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(tandem) nursing mamas - how's the transition going?

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anyone here still pregnant and nursing? my son's pooping up a storm, thanks to colostrum, i imagine!

anyone had their july-baby and now fully in the realm of tandem nursing? how's it going for you?
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Still pregnant and nursing. Almost 39 weeks. This past week DS has had the grossest, stickiest poop! We couldn't figure out why because he doesn't seem sick otherwise and he's eating normally, so I figure it must just be the colostrum ramping up.

Can't wait till baby is born and my normal milk comes back! (Nothing against colostrum, but really--the poop!)
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Still pregnant and nursing too.  40 weeks and 4 days.  The past few days I keep hoping my 3 year old's nursing sends me into labor!  We haven't had any weird poops lately that I can attribute to colostrum.  I think he is going to be in happy shock when my milk comes in.  We keep talking about how baby sister is going to nurse all the time.  He gets it now but that might all change when the milk comes in.  It certainly is going to be a tandem nursing adventure!  Just like the book title...

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I'm pregnant (almost 39 weeks) and nursing my 2yo DS. He's been having crazy, multiple loose stools lately. He's usually a very regular once a day guy but I know its the colostrum that came in a couple weeks ago.


Any of you mamas having aversions to nursing your toddler?


That's really what has been hitting me hard lately. And my boobs seem to have gotten super sensitive and sore in the last couple of days! Last night I had to nurse him down (something I haven't had to do in a while but he's sick) and was crying because I was HATING every second of it and wanted nothing more than to leave the room. I feel like I have to fight this rage that builds in me when he nurses lately. I try to have compassion for him because its not his fault but I can't say I've been the nicest nursing mommy. Especially if he is wiggling, biting, trying to play with my other boob or just messing around. It drives me up the wall!


I'm really hoping it goes away once DS#2 is born...and that we have a good transition.


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i went through a month or two of major nursing annoyance/resentment, but it seems to be easing up these past few weeks, even though i have noticed a lot more nipple pain when he latches on at first. i think a lot of it is hormonal and a lot of it was because dry nursing was getting really old.
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I gave birth to Sianna on July 14th and my adventures in tandem nursing has begun!  I decided to stay in the hospital for the full 2 nights after my vaginal birth and while it was tough to be away from my 3 year 3 month old Jack for the first time ( my husband stayed home with him and my mom stayed in the hospital with me) it was the right decision for our family as Sianna got the majority of my colostrum for the first few days which I thought was really important yet I didn't have to keep telling Jack that he could not nurse right then.  


My milk came in late on the 16th as I was leaving the hospital and as of today I think my supply is more than sufficient for the baby and the amount Jack is nursing.  I actually feel quite engorged and the baby nursing does not relieve much of the pressure- only Jack's nursing feels like it empties the breast a bit.


Something that I am not sure is related, but think it is, is that my 3 year old has been having minor tummy issues.  He threw up his dinner on Saturday night after a few longer nursing sessions when I got back from the hospital (but then again he was also majorly jumping on his new trampoline after dinner so that very well might have contributed to his upset tummy) but he has also been feeling as though he was going to throw up often (not doing it- just wanting his throw up bowl or to go to the toilet to try).  I am wondering if it is a result of his tummy not being used to my milk- especially the newborn laxitive milk composition that I have right now.  If anyone has any thoughts/insight on this I would love it!  Jack (3 year old) has been nursing for 2-15 minutes a time 3-6 times a day or so.


Also, what do you think about pumping just to relieve my engorgement when I don't want Jack to nurse (because I am worried about his tummy).  Do you think pumping (just to relieve pressure for a minute or so) as well as nursing 2 kids would increase my supply that much more?  I am a little worried about being so engorged so often because I don't want any clogged ducts.  Or because I am only 5 days post partum my body is just trying to figure it out and it will eventually even out?


I have had to tell my 3 year old no to nursing a lot...offered him snuggles and holding the breast as alternatives and have been talking to him a lot about other ways to get "mommy love."  Also been talking a lot over and over about how babies only drink mommies milk and that his stomach is more mature and needs more food than mommy milk.  He has cried a bunch of times about not being able to nurse and I have been trying to stick with my no when I say it (very gently and lovingly with understanding) to keep those limits so he doesn't doubt that I am meaning what I say.  Any other tips for dealing with his reaction to my not being able to nurse him exactly when he wants?



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Thought I would bump this up and just share real quick that I just nursed my 3 yr old to sleep while nursing my 11 day old.  They both fell asleep at the breast at the same time.  The power of breastfeeding!  It makes me feel great that I was able to meet both of their needs at the same time.


Also, I am loving not having sore nipples with my newborn.  I had 3 months or so of sore nipples with my first and it is so great not to have to go through that again!


Would love to hear from some other tandem nursing moms!

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