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Last minute, emergency naming help needed!

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LOL!  It feels like an emergency, anyways!


Our insurance provider is going to take my 6 week old baby off our insurance when she turns 2 months old unless we send them a copy of her birth certificate, but due to it being a UC and UP it's been taking longer than we thought it would to get it all sorted out.  FINALLY, everything is done except us sending in the birth certificate, which we hope to do today, but we are going crazy trying to think of a beautiful, dynamic middle name to go with her first name.  Something really funky, earthy, whatever, this is my last baby and I want to be able to name her ANYTHING I want, something I may have been afraid to name the other babies due to familial pressure. 


We have lots of names we love, but I can't narrow it down.  Also, I can't help thinking that maybe the perfect middle name is out there somewhere.  So opinions on a middle name, and ANY AND ALL suggestions are greatly appreciated!  Seriously, anything that you can think of, mamas. :D


So okay, her first name is Lola, last name starts with R and is two syllables. 


Some girl names we like in general but don't necessarily go:






















Briar Rose


Moonlily (although somebody on here has a daughter with that name, so I'd be stealing it! :D)



Soo...any ideas?  I really need to send in her paperwork today or tomorrow!






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do a baby test and read all the names to her and see if she reacts to any of them!  then you can tell her she named herself!!! 

fwiw, i like the name wren.

you could also do a total random and pick a moment and go outside and name her after the first animal/bird/tree/flower you see.  


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Hmm, I love your list of names! Here are a few suggestions that might work with Lola . . .


Quinn (if ours is a girl, this will be her middle name!)







Good luck!

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I like the sound of Lola Persephone!

I love funky earthy names too--your list is great! I'd probably also ask the baby and see if you get any intuition after doing that. smile.gif
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I've never thought of asking Lola herself!  Which, duh, because I absolutely feel like she's the one who chose the name Lola while I was still pregnant with her.  I'm going to try that when she wakes up from her nap.

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i like Lola Cordelia and Lola Persephone

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I like Lola Niobe myself.


DS doesn't have a birth certificate (long story) I don't know if it would work in your case, as you were UC/UP, but we sent in the hospital discharge paperwork for both of us, and that seemed to be sufficient for their purposes. (he also wasn't named at discharge, so it just says Baby Boy S.) but they accepted it nonetheless.


Good luck with the naming!

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I tried going outside and picking the first thing that caught my eye.  I closed my eyes to avoid seeing our cat who was waiting at the door to come in, and I deliberately ignored the 30 grasshoppers that jumped around when I stepped onto the grass.  So I ended up with...Lola Birdbath, lol!  But what was planted around the birdbath may be even better, Lola Marigold.  We planted the marigolds in honor of the baby before Lola that was lost to m/c at 11 weeks pg (in October, hence the flower choice).    I hadn't thought of Marigold as a "name" flower, but I like it better than DH's choices of Rose and Violet.


So...Lola Marigold?  Too many O's and L's?


My oldest son is still pushing for Lola Blossom, and my younger son is pushing for either Lola Cloud or Lola Soft Water. :D

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i really, truly adore Lola Marigold.  (but i'm pretty weird) Especially with that story.  How does she like it? 

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Originally Posted by hildare View Post

i really, truly adore Lola Marigold.  (but i'm pretty weird) Especially with that story.  How does she like it? 

I love it too!  DH isn't too crazy about it but he really doesn't care (he just wants me to turn the paperwork in to Vital Statistics so we can get our birth certificate).  I keep trying to ask Lola, and she seems to love everything, including Lola Feather, her big brother's new favorite.  She really, really loved it when DH said "Lola Rose" to her, but I totally denied it to him because I don't want to name her that. :D


Something new that was suggested and I'm really considering is Sunflower.


So I think we're narrowed down to


Lola Soleil

Lola Sunflower

Lola Marigold


They're all sunny, goldy names, I guess that's what I'm feeling from her.  Sooo close.  Only 3 names to choose from now.   I have 2 hours! 


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Lola Marigold sounds like a lovely name for your sweet baby girl. Not sure what time zone you are in...will you let us know what your family chose?

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I second Lola Wren!

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Well, it turned out that DH had neglected to sign the birth certificate as "certifier" so I had to wait until he came home from work last night to do it.  Meaning I'm going to have to mail it today instead of tomorrow.


He's not crazy about Marigold.  Says it's "a mouthful".  I think he just doesn't like the name and doesn't want to tell me because it's a sentimental thing for me.


He's also not crazy about the French pronunciation of Soleil.  He thinks Wren sounds like a boy's name.  He loves Persephone but it means death or darkness or something.  Sigh. 


He does like Sunflower "okay", and he likes Meadow "okay" as well.  He likes Soleil a lot if we were pronouncing it the way it's spelled. 


I shouldn't have pressed him for his opinion, because he really was happy to have no input and let me write down whatever middle name I wanted.  Mostly, he loves Violet and Rose and if it's not going to be one of those then he sincerely doesn't care what the middle name is.   But I wanted his opinion anyways!  Gah! 


So now I'm still waffling.  And Lola is no help, she'll grin and coo over anything I say to her.  :D




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For what it's worth, I love Soleil!
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I just took the papers to the PO.  She's officially Lola Marigold, and I'm so happy!  It just felt so *right* when I was writing it on on the forms, and looked so pretty seeing it all together in actual handwriting (instead of just typing).


Thanks for all your help, mamas! 

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YAY for Marigold!  That's awesome... she's going to love the story of her name when she's older!

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I love Lola Marigold!

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I love Lola Marigold!! What a beautiful sunny breazy name!!
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