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I am hopeful that everyone-- those who have been around for a long time on both MDC and the Learning at School board, and those that are new and just dabbling here, can all post in a way that shows respect and care for one another. The last place that there should be backbiting and where people shouldn't feel safe is MDC.


I think that everyone has had a chance to express their concerns about how the other thread went and about the need for deeply respectful communication. We've had a chance to reflect on whether the LAS forum should be more support oriented. And you've had a chance to hear that we'll return to the former style of disallowing/redirecting threads that are geared toward debating homeschooling vs. learning out of the home. Sometimes we all have to learn by experience and I hope that everyone has learned something here the last couple of weeks.


Since the LAS forum 'guidelines' are going to stay pretty much the same and to avoid further misinterpretations on this issue, I think it would be a good idea to let it rest a bit. I'm going to close the thread at least for a bit and give everyone a chance to stretch.


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