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washing soda RI

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where can I buy washing soda locally?  Checked Target so far so before I go all over the state anyone know where to get it?  Thanks.

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I am pretty sure I found mine at either Market Basket or Hannaford's (we are in MA just over the RI border).


You can also call 1-800-524-1328 and have the UPC code 33200-03020. The service will ask for your zip code and then tell you places in your area that sell the item. I believe this service will locate most items if you have the UPC code number.


I always buy multiple boxes when I do find it so I don't have to go out of my way when I need it :)

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stop and shop is the only place I've seen it.  

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You can also make washing soda with baking soda in the oven. I haven't tried it yet but might soon!
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found it at S&S thanks!  Although making it myself is a good option, had no idea you could just heat up baking soda. 

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Shaw's has it too :)

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My Shaw's doesn't have it, but after driving ALL OVER THE STATE, I found it at Stop & Shop.

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