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I call the ones I picked mantras because I recite them over and over and I picked shorter ones.  They are birth affirmations that can be used in birth.  I mentioned them in another thread and figured I would post them for those that want to see a list.  Feel free to add your own in reply.  I have several taped up around my birth space.   I tried to pick a few from the different lists. 


Birth Empowering Statements
 Birth is an Emergence, not an Emergency.
 I have birthing wisdom.
 If God had meant for all women to have an episiotomy, we would all have zippers!
 I am the product of millions of years of SUCCESSFUL childbirth.
 Yes! to the spirit of birth.
Empowered Childbirth
 I trust my body to know how to birth this child just as it knew how to grow this child.
 I trust my instincts to know what I need in labor.
 I trust my instincts to do what is best for my baby.
 I am a strong and capable woman.
 Only I can give birth to this baby and I accept responsibility for that challenge.
 My body knows how to birth our baby. If women didn't know how, we would have died out
centuries ago.
 My body is indeed beautifully and wonderfully made.
 I get to have a voice.
 I have to be truthful with myself.
 I listen to my body and heart.
 I deserve to have the birth I desire.
 I trust my body
 I trust my pain
 I trust my labor
 I trust in our baby
 I am a strong and capable woman.
 I am a powerful, loving and creative being.
 I am now willing to experience all of my feelings.
 My pelvis releases and opens, as have those of countless women before me.
 I accept myself completely here and now.
 I now feel inner peace and serenity.
 I accept this labor as my labor and believe it is the right labor for me and for my baby.
 I love and accept my body completely.
 I accept all my feelings as part of myself.
 I now forgive and release everyone in my life.
 I believe in my ability to give birth easily.
 I am prepared and ready to welcome my baby.
 I believe in myself and I have nothing to fear.
 My uterus is working well to bring my baby down and out of the pelvis...there is plenty of
room for my baby to pass through... easily...effortlessly...comfortably.
 Good strong contractions help my baby come into the world.
 It is safe for me to verbalize my feelings and desires...I am willing to allow others the
pleasure of serving me.
 I will allow the process to take place.
 I believe in myself.
 I am prepared to meet whatever turns my birthing takes.
 I open like a rose, in my own time and way
 I have faith in my ability to birth my baby
 I choose a simple, peaceful, joyous and pleasurable birth
 I am confident and ready to welcome my baby
 I relax my mind and my body
 My body is perfectly designed to give birth safely
 The path from my womb to my arms is safe, short and wide open
 My body opens, my mind quiets, my baby descends
 I am in control of my birth and my choices
 I listen to my body and my baby
 I honor my baby and my body
 I am relaxed, peaceful and calm
 All thoughts recede from my mind as my body gives birth with ease
Joyful birthing
 I enjoy giving birth to my babies
 I enjoy the process of birth
 I enjoy the dance of birth
 I choose a joyous birth for my family
 I laugh my baby into the world
 Giving birth is a creative act, full of orgasmic feeling and joy
 I deserve a joyful birth
 I give birth in joyful bliss
 My baby's birth is joyful.
 My baby's birth is a calm, joyous experience.
 The process of birth is exciting.
 I am relaxed and happy that my baby is finally coming to me.
 I put all fear aside and welcome my baby with happiness and joy.
Safe & Loving Birth
 I enjoy safe and loving births with my babies
 My body is made to give birth in safety and love
 I give birth in safety and in love
 I am filled with love
 I trust my body to birth my baby safely
 The more faith I have in myself, the safer my birth will be
 The more faith I have in myself, the more loving my birth will be
 The more faith I have in my baby, the safer my birth will be
 I feel the love of others around me.
 Birth is a safe and wonderful experience.
 I focus on all going right.
 I am never alone...I have sisters throughout my city, state, my country and around the
world who will be having their babies at the same time as me. I tune into them and send
them my love and reassurance.
 I am in a safe place and it is now safe for me to let go completely.
 My baby is being massaged and stimulated through the sensations of birth.
 My baby feels my love.
 I love you little one, Mother will birth you gently.
Healthy Body, Healthy Baby, Healthy Birth
 I will strive to make the food I eat only good, healthy food.
 I know that eating healthy makes a healthy pregnancy.
 I will strive to exercise during my pregnancy.
 I know that a healthy body makes a healthy pregnancy.
 I am strong and healthy.
 My baby is strong and healthy.
 My body is made to give birth
 My baby is blessed with abundant health
 My child is whole, my child is well, my child is healthy
 My body is healthy and strong
 I am whole, I am well, I am birthing
 My baby is healthy and strong
 I radiate health and love
 Relax and breathe
 My baby knows all is well.
 My mind and body can handle a labor of any kind.
 My body is nourishing my baby.
 Pregnancy is natural, normal, healthy and safe for my baby and me.
 My baby moves gently along in its journey.
Wild & Free Birth
 I free my mind, my body and my birth
 I am proud of my body’s ability to give birth
 I feel free to dance, cry, vomit, sing, moan, shout and sweat as I give birth. I am free to
be wild
 Birth is a primal dance, I give birth well
 Birth is wild, free and primal. I embrace it.
 I am free to birth my way
 I am a mother tiger and I roar and purr to my baby in my womb
 I am free to sing my birthing song
 I am a goddess in all my glory!
Comfort Measures
 My body opens like a flower in bloom
 Each wave of labor brings me closer to holding my baby in my arms
 Squat, roll, kneel, moan, dance, shower, hang, breathe, sit, sing or sway the baby out
 Drink and pee. Stay hydrated but keep the bladder empty.
 Embrace the sensations and thank them for bringing your baby into your arms
 I am free to breathe deeply, pant, moan and freely express myself through each wave of
 Relaxed, peaceful and open
 I embrace the concept of healthy pain.
 I completely co-operate with my body during labor and birth.
 I keep my face arms and pelvic floor completely relaxed.
 I do not fight the birth, my body is relaxed - I am not afraid.
 My breathing is even, Inhale peace, Exhale tension.
 My mind and muscles are relaxed.
 I relax through each stretching sensation, allowing my uterus to work effectively.
 The stretching sensations appear to last only a short time, but are efficient, and quickly
open the my baby can be born.
 I focus my attention on breathing, bringing in oxygen, which surrounds my muscles:
bringing in nourishment, and washing out fatigue.
 I direct my energy from my head, down through my body and out through my vagina...this
energy assists my muscles to work efficiently, and helps my baby come
 As I feel my vagina being pressed open by my baby's head, I surrender completely, and
open like a beautiful rose in full bloom.
 I feel a natural anesthesia flowing through my body.
 I relax as we move quickly and easily through each stage of birth.
 My cervix opens outward and allows my baby to ease down.
 I fully relax and turn my birthing over to God.
 I feel my body gently sway with relaxation.
 Each surge of my body brings my baby closer to me.
 I deepen my relaxation as I move further into labor.
 I am totally relaxed and at ease.
 My body remains still and limp.
 I meet each surge only with my breath; my body is at ease.
For Husbands in Birth
 I trust in her ability to give birth easily ~I listen, I trust, I support, I love
 I am an important part of this birth, I am important to my family
 My woman is strong and capable of birthing our child
 I create a safe place for my baby to be born into
 I offer support to my wife and my family
 I remind her to relax and trust the process of birth
 I quiet myself and listen to her
 I am able to make the best possible choices for a healthy, joyful birth.
 I see my partner as a strong and capable woman.
 I am able to support my partner during pregnancy and birth.
 We are working harmoniously together.
 We are grateful for this powerful experience.
 The power of birth strengthens me, my child, and my partner.
Waiting for Baby
 I relax and allow my birth to unfold in its own time
 Babies are born on their birthdays, not when someone else decides.
 My body will birth in its own time.
 My baby knows how and when to be born.
 My baby will be born healthy and at the perfect time.
 I have faith, courage and patience.
 When it is ready, my baby will come
Subsequent Pregnancy
 This is a new birth and a new baby unique unto itself.
 I see my last birth as a learning experience from which I am growing and changing.
 My changing body is radiantly beautiful.
 I trust my body to labor smoothly and efficiently.
 I am able to birth safely and naturally.
 I am able to birth in the best possible way for my baby and myself.