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Gift for midwife

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Can anyone recommend nice gift ideas for my midwife and her assistants? Thanks!


One idea I had was a nice bright flashlight. I figure you can always use an extra. Can any midwives recommend their favorite flashlight? Or maybe this is not a good idea?

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Something personal or for self care.  A  gift certificate for a massage, gift card to a nice boutique, a midwifery themed piece of jewelry, gift basket with chocolates and fancy foods, bottle of wine.  (Depending on her tastes of course.)  Getting a flashlight from a client would be like getting a vacuum cleaner for mother's day.

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So many things are nice :) Soaps, candles, jewelery, ornaments for a tree, coffee or tea, a nice travel mug, gift cards (especially for eating out or doing fun things), etc. It doesn't have to be birth related.

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Oh and if you want to get a flashlight, I really prefer the LED kind that don't have a dead spot in the middle.

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Massage, pedicure, or a nice picture from your birth(actual birth, baby, family baby with midwife etc. ) to put on her wall.

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I have received some really awesome gifts. A totally submersible LED flashlight was one of them. :)

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Also......my favorite gift ever would be a gift certificate for a massage if that fits in the budget.

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I am planning on getting my MW gift certificates for a night out with her DH.  She's told me about her favourite restaurant and small theater.  I also plan to get a fruit arrangement for the entire clinic - about 10 MW plus the staff and their students.  I like the idea of a gift certificate for a spa or treatment.


It's so hard to find something purposeful and meaningful.

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Here's What I did For My Midwife and Doula:


Pendants and Starbucks Coffee Cups you can design Yourself, Sorry the pic is sideways, There isn't a way to rotate!?



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I really enjoy handwritten cards.

I have enjoyed receiving massage certificates, warm socks, and earrings. Oh, starbucks gift card. And a Coke T-shirt, as I'm seldom far from my diet coke. orngbiggrin.gif

I really like my bitty mag-light - it's as strong as a big one, but runs on AA's b/c it's LED. Or I have a headlamp I love - the vag light, for suturing. It's sold as a moutaineering light, goes around my forehead.
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