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Had an "emergency" ultrasound.

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Over a week ago I had bleeding. My midwife sent the req for an ultrasound. They FINALLY called at 745 this morning and asked if I could come in for 945. Huh? Ok sure.

DH was unable to come. That was ok with me. I got there really early and sat there anxiously (while previously I'd felt fine about the pregnancy.)
Finally got into the room, through a door marked "urgent"... and my papers said "urgent." ... :dunno:

She put the transducer on my tummy and measured the gest sac twice. I saw 5w1d and 6w1d. Both are behind, so I was a bit worried. And I had to lay there worried for half an hour while she scrounged up a vaginal transducer.  THAT found the bean no prob and I could right away see a baby measuring 6w3d and heartbeat and a yolk sac. She said the hb was 122. Bit low but normal for the gestation.

So in summation. THRILLED to see my happy little bean in there. But I think it was more anxiety than it was worth.  I've been very just "rather not know" with this pregnancy. Too many bad experiences in the past.
Ok I'm done rambling lol.

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BC, that brought back so many memories of one of my scares, it made me feel sick!  I remember that anxiety.  And my baby's heart rate at 6 weeks was way low.  It was such a roller coaster.  I went in cause I was bleeding and convinced it was over, then saw the heartrate, just to have him tell me there was a problem.  The doc said it didn't look good.  I did so much research and became an "expert" on embryonic heart rates.  It wasn't good news as there were practically no survivors for the gestational date I was in and the heartrate she had. 


It was a nightmare pregnancy with many more huge scares later on, but she was born perfectly healthy and is my sweet, sassy six year old now.  


I hear you about preferring to stay in the dark.  I used to work in a children's hospital infant unit and know way to much to feel good about.  Wish I didn't know anything when I am pregnant.


So glad your little bean is healthy.  The heartrate you stated sounds great for a 6 weeker.   Hope you can move forward at peace now and no more scares!

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Sorry you had to go through all that, but what wonderful news that you got to see that precious little heartbeat :) 


Here's to smooth sailing from now on!

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Sorry about the anxiety, but I'm so happy you got to see your little one! Sticky vibes for here on out: sticky.gif

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So glad you got to see that beautiful little beating heart! Honestly, I don't think that is a particularly low heart beat. From what I've read it seems to get faster the second half of the 6th week into the 7th week. DS's was 126 at 6 weeks 4 days! Perfectly healthy little 2 year old :)


I do think the extra testing can cause so much more anxiety than it's worth.. but then the relief of good results.

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Thank you ladies!!

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Just saw this and wanted to say YAY!


That sucks about the anxiety that all the "urgent" stuff and the waiting for the other us machine caused. I think I would have had a panic attack. 


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So happy for you!  I have to wait until at least 8 weeks or later, but got to see DS's heartbeat at 6w3d last time and it was a huge reassurance then.  I am SO sorry about the anxiety around this for you...why did they have to make it seem so scary?  I SO wish medical professionals would explain things more as they go along instead of making you wait until the end of the assessment.

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