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Slight dizziness post partum

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Although it has been 25 months since my daughter's birth there is something that started kind of after delivery , hence I am terming it post-partum dizziness. Has anyone experienced it? It feels like the slightest spell (not even  spell, a small moment) of dizziness at random times , sometimes when I suddenly get up , sing a song aloud to my daughter , exert myself etc. I spoke with my sister and she said she noticed the same thing after the delivery of my niece and it has been 6 yrs since for her....


Any insights? Why does this happen?



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Could be unrelated.  What's your diet like?  If you don't eat much red meat, have you gotten your iron levels checked recently?  Does your blood pressure run low?  Wondering if this is dizziness like a head rush, or more of a vestibular thing?  If you close your eyes can you keep your balance during one of these spells? 

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Did not get my iron levels checked recently. it is on the cards (like in a week). I do tend towards slight anemia all the time. Even though I eat some red meat (lamb) and a decent amount of spinach.


My blood pressure is always low (was low even during pregnancy).


The dizziness is more like a slight head rush. I don't lose balance, nor does the room spin nor do I feel a black-out coming on. But there is definitely a slight dizziness.

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I have had this with all three of my babies.  It even turned to full blown vertigo a couple of times with the last two.  It always seemed to come on either during or right after nursing, and when I googled it I found lots and lots of women having the same experience, but very little information about it. For me, it seems to pass when the nursing slows down, at around a year.

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Mine isn't nursing related. That much I am sure of....


And my sis stopped nursing when my niece was 1 yr old.... It has been 5 yrs. since for her....

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