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If you have a young toddler, how much are you babywearing?

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Our LO is not very L!  He is 28 pounds at 15 months and has always been big.  I use an Ergo with him frequently (maybe 5 times a week), usually for short walk or my convenience as far as getting him where I need him to go without my arms falling off.  He has been walking for a couple of months and it's just not always feasible to carry him or expect that he'll walk where he needs to safely.  Just curious what other moms do about babywearing at this stage.  TIA.

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Ds is now 2.5 years. We do not own a stroller. He was 25lbs at 6 months & we exclusively baby wore. I found switching to a back carry helped a lot. I also have found that he is able to walk a LOT further than most other little's of the same age & I think that is just because of our lifestyle.

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not that often. She is little- not even 20lbs at 17 months but she doens't want to be held for long periods especially if we are outside. She wants to walk and explore. We can take a quick walk to the mail boxes down the road or i use the ergo to help me carry bags up and down if we have been shopping but other then that not much. Plus it has been 80+ degrees for the last few weeks. I'm not sure if this is the end of baby wearing for us or is it just a stage and then they want back in arms at some point?

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My chunkster is 28 lbs at 10 months - not walking yet - i have a framed backpack that i just love for cooking and doing housework - i guess i use it every day - or close to that only for about 30 - 60 minutes though - how much housework can one do?  I need to use a ring sling just to leave the house!  - i live on the second floor and if i have to carry anything else - diaper bag, purse, car keys etc...i just cant hang on to him as well and navigate my way downstairs....so even when we are going to the store in the stroller   - i wear him in the ring sling until i get the stroller out of the shed ...etc...I am just not strong enough to carry him for any real length of time!

I did put him in the shopping cart seat for the first time just last weekend - not a great idea honestly!  I couldnt look at ANYthing - he was constantly grabbing things - much easier in the sling! 

During the summer i am finding i am too hot to wear him too much - also i like the shade the stroller provides - i am anxious to look into back carries (with a wrap) for the fall though!

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Your message made me feel much better!  I do get some criticism for wearing an older baby and sometimes it does feel silly, even to me.  BUT...how the heck else do you bring in groceries/get to the car when you're carrying everything else/etc.?  It's crazy.  I have a ring sling also, but he seems more secure in the Ergo.  The ring sling is kinda convenient for littler things, though.  And grocery shopping?  That is the one thing I refuse to do with him anymore.  He HATES the cart, I can't negotiate the store with him in a sling, I get anxious anyway in grocery stores...so we don't do it.  And he grabs at everything and screeches like mad.


Well, thanks for writing and look forward to hearing from other moms!

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My LO is nearly 21 months and around 28 lbs.

He was 25 at a year but has just been stretching out since then and I must say I'm grateful for that.


It got hard to wear him in the ergo a couple months ago (a combination of both of us not being comfortable), and any side or front carrying was out of the question for more than short periods of time.

A friend lent me a stroller for our long walks and he really enjoyed the ride (he even fell asleep a couple times and he rarely falls asleep without nursing)/

I still wore him on my back at home when I needed to get certain things done that required my hands and/or doing things in areas I felt were unsafe (our basement, the front yard etc.)

Even this was becoming less common because he was more interested in playing on his own for longer chunks of time or helping me with what I was doing,


However in the last few weeks he has chosen to be on me more. I've been wearing him on my back in different carriers for most of our outings that require walking or standing.

He likes to walk, but if anyone else is around he wants back up again. The stroller is now used for carrying things when needed. It was hard getting used to the physical strain at first, but it's gotten much better. I do try to stretch, do yoga or something to help my body out on a daily basis.

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Not hardly at all anymore.  My daughter is 14 months and 23 or 24 lbs, and she is pretty much walking everywhere.  I've been leaving the beco in the car for backup, but I haven't pulled it out in a week.  She does tend to want picked up when we are leaving or when I have to carry her through the parking lot, but it's such a short amount of time that I just hold her.


I might start using it again sometimes though.  Today in the grocery store she kept stopping in the middle of the aisle, and it was annoying.  Luckily it wasn't busy, but I think I should have just used the carrier for that.  It would have been easier.  I've been trying to get her to follow me around, but I just don't think she's quite ready for that yet.


At home I don't have to carry her anymore for chores because she either "helps" or plays with her own thing while I do something.  Or watches me cook from a kitchen chair...that kind of thing.

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My LO is almost 14 months and weighs about 9.5kg. We almost never wear her around the house but we still wear her whenever we go out anywhere. She is keen to walk a lot of the time but we always have a carrier for when she gets tired or if we need to contain her.


She's also recently developed a bit of a fascination with the pram so we use that if we are just going for a walk or to the park.

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dd2 is not so much a young toddler (will be 2 in late sept), but I carry her sporadically. She would rather be down and walking while holding my hand and has been that way for a while... BUT, we do use the ring sling or the mei tai when we need it.  Maybe a couple times a week - but we're homebodies.


I have used carriers with the bigger kids up to 50 lbs (walking home from activities in the park - both kids were tired... flipped ds into the maya in a back carry and off we went).

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Max is almost 14 months and weighs about 23 pounds (10.5 kg). I still carry him quite a lot. We use the Ergo, mostly in back carries. I will strap him on when I need to go get something from the garage or go downstairs to do laundry, but he will absolutely not let me wear him while I cook. I guess he gets bored! For when we go out and about in the city for the day and I want to wear him on my back and also carry a bag, I got one of those aluminum frames with wheels and I strap my backpack onto it so I can wheel it around. But we also use the stroller quite a lot. Still, I always keep the Ergo in the stroller in case he freaks out, or often on the way home he gets tired and will only sleep if I wear him (in front) and nurse him down. I wonder, each time we do that, how long we'll be able to, but for now it still works. Here is a picture from just last weekend, on the way home in the late afternoon:


passed out.jpg


I think if you posted this in the Babywearing forum, you'd find that a lot of mamas carry their toddlers up to age three or so. I think the weight limit for the Ergo is 35 lbs and in a back carry it's totally possible to do it til then.

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My kiddos are 22 months and we wrap almost daily, especially for shopping, sometimes for cooking, etc. One of my girls is sick today, so I expect she will need to be carried quite a bit. I can't shop without carrying a kid, though, as they are both toddlers and I can't deal with them walking in the market smile.gif.
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I still wear my 2.5yo frequently. It seems like most of my friends wear their similar-aged kids much less (most not at all), but DS is highly sensitive/clingy/overwhelmed/etc. so this is what works best for him & me!! He simply can't function well in certain situations, he shuts down, so wearing him makes it easier for us to be out in the world AND make him feel safe.

So I wear him at the grocery store and on most walks (or at least keep the Ergo with me just in case, and almost always end up needing it!) I also wear him if we go to a festival or anywhere that will be a bit crowded or over-stimulating to him. If we are doing short, mostly-for-fun errands (like browsing the thrift store or whatever) then he mostly walks, although he's also recently gotten really into riding in the cart or pushing the small baskets, so we have several options now and tend to rotate between them and don't bother with the Ergo.

I love having the Ergo (was still using a moby-style wrap up until he was almost 2!!) because it's so easy to get him in & out so he can walk for a few minutes and then go back up on my back then get down again. And we still (though rarely) do front carries when he really needs to nurse & I can't sit down. It seems like I am slowly wearing him less & less and he's spending more time walking, which is great, I think it's kind of like weaning for us -- something we need to do gradually and that will kind of just happen in its own time.
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This is the main reason I wear my 15 month old, especially now that I take her to the beach on my own regularly.  We alternate between ring sling and Ergo.  When it gets cooler I hope to do some hiking with her in the Ergo, too.  She's liked that in the past. 


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 I also wear him if we go to a festival or anywhere that will be a bit crowded or over-stimulating to him.
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I wear my 34 Ib 20 mo DS almost every day in our Boba. He is a runner, so if we go to any kind of a store, thats how I keep him with me and safe. We also do a lot of outdoor stuff, hiking etc. He is heavy, but its easier to wear him on our backs when he gets tired on a hike, or we are hiking in an area with a big dropoff, or running water than it is to carry him in arms.


Here we are hiking in Capitol Reef Ntnl Park two weeks ago. You can see he's a chunker, but we still love wearing him =_



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DS is 20 mo and 24 lbs. I wear him almost daily, but it's for a lot less time than when he is little. I mostly wear him for our mommy and  me workouts (baby zumba and yoga), and if I need to go shopping w/o DH (if I let him in the cart he wants down all the time). Occasionally he will still take a nap on my back, but that is even getting less and less. I also still wear him when I vacum (it's become a tradition now!). I use my woven wraps and mei tai in a back carry.


I love the pics, pps... I need to hurry up and take more before he doesn't want to be worn anymore, but he doesn't want to be worn if DH is around to take the pic.

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My son is 20 months and about 26 pounds. I wear him daily when out on errands, shopping, getting from car to beach, etc. I no longer wear him around the house but definitely when outside of the home. These days I prefer my Maya wrap ring sling in a hip carry.

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DD is 21 m/o (24ish lbs) and I wear her almost daily. Always when we are out unless she will walk and hold my hand. We use a didy waves in a modified JBC. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IyGZGZOkj4&feature=related this one. LOVE IT.

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Love the pics.

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dd is 17 months and 21lbs. i am still wearing her quite a bit, especially as she only started walking last week! however, i am not using it nearly as much as just a few months ago. i finally caved and bought a stroller at the beginning of the summer, and it was a wonderful decision. i was tired of feeling like a pack horse on all day excursions, and while i love doing back carries, we are both very fair skinned, and i just couldn't trust her to keep her head covered... let alone not tossing the hat, soother, sippy cup, shoe, etc into the street when i couldn't see her! she's just not quite old enough to be back there for long periods of time. now i pack our swimsuits, lunches, change of clothes, towels and water etc on the stroller and we are gone all day long, and mommy isn't completely exhausted at the end!


anyway, baby carrier, still an absolutely essential piece of equipment, and it comes with us everywhere! but i am less likely to use it as our primary mode of transport, except for relatively paraphernalia-free trips. once in a while i will go somewhere without tossing it in the car or on the stroller and i always completely regret it. once i can expect dd to actually walk a decent stretch (without tripping, wandering off in the other direction, or giving up and crawling!), i wonder if i'll use the stroller or the carrier more?


we've stopped using it in the house completely though. when dd wants cuddles, she wants uninterrupted, focused cuddles. no multi-tasking for me! if she wants up, and i put her in the carrier and try to keep doing what i was doing, she pulls the straps down off my shoulders and whines until i sit down and just hug her! she does fall asleep or snuggle in the carrier when we are out for walks though, just not as easily as before. 

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I wore my son all the time at that age (in a wrap, on my back), including for a month-long backpacking trip, and including when I was pregnant with #2.  He is little for his age, though.  Mostly for similar reasons as you mentioned - to get somewhere at a reasonable pace, or because he wasn't yet capable of walking in a particular environment (slippery ice, deep mud, rocky trails).  Now he's 29 months, and still gets worn quite a bit for hikes too long for him to walk the whole way.  I had another baby when he was 22 months, and that cut down on toddler wearing more than anything else - I do wear two sometimes, but it's a lot of kid!

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