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I think when people see a pregnant woman, they lose their inhibitions and forget to censor themselves. I can't believe the things people blurt out without thinking, lol.


My grandma is just like some of you have described yours. When I finally worked up the motivation to take my first pregnancy photos to share with friends and family via email, I was 16 weeks along and super proud of my still early but noticeable baby bump! It was clearly a total baby bump, NOT an increase in belly fat. Most people responded saying how cute my bump looked and how much I was glowing and they wanted to see more pics. But my grandma responded with some exclamation about how big my belly was getting and, "Make sure you're watching your calories. I'm sure you are being careful and know this already, but it's a lot harder to lose excess weight after the baby is born. Love you!"


I was like..... duh.gif Really? REALLY?! I laughed out loud at the absurdity of someone telling a pregnant woman to watch her freakin' calories!!!! And the real kicker is that I had only gained 5 pounds by week 16 when I took those photos, so I couldn't tell if she was trying to imply I looked like I gained a bunch of weight or if she was just making a statement as a precaution. I'm slightly overweight to begin with, so maybe she just forgot how I looked prior to the pregnancy? LOL. I have no idea. It'll stick with me, though, as one of the most insensitive things someone has said. When my very petite sister was pregnant years ago, my grandma couldn't comment enough about how great she looked with her weight gain and encouraged her (well yeah, duh, because she had a severe eating disorder before getting pregnant and needed to gain weight!). I love how on the flipside of things, I'm told to watch my calories. Especially when I had trouble even eating enough in my first trimester because of food intolerances and aversions. Oy vey. I'm taking people's comments with a grain of salt now, even though they initially sting. My emotions can only handle so much insensitivity while pregnant, lol.

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Oh yes, it's true.  I was waiting in line (a long line) to use a bathroom last week when all the women around me felt the need to share their birth stories with me.  Like seeing a pregnant women is some sort of free ticket to share you life stories.

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I think when people see a pregnant woman, they lose their inhibitions and forget to censor themselves. I can't believe the things people blurt out without thinking, lol.


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ROTFLMAO.gif OMG I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who has heard the most intimate details of complete strangers' birth stories. And I just LOVE when people share their "childbirth gone wrong" stories that ended in unnecessary inductions and c-sections. I know that sometimes these procedures are completely warranted and I would never talk negatively about anyone willingly or unwillingly going those routes! But besides my mom's c-section stories because her babies were breach, I've heard so many others that were clearly unnecessary and it's unfortunate how many women say that after a few hours of labor or one sign of "distress" they were told they had to move things along faster and still believe they were given accurate information... One coworker of mine was induced several times because the first few times didn't get things moving "fast enough", then she had an epidural that failed because it was leaking behind the bed and several anesthesiologists couldn't figure out for the longest time why she wasn't numbing up... and then after a hellish day of labor, she was rushed to c-section because they couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat at one point. Turns out that the baby was never in distress; it was just the position they had my coworker in while laying on the hospital bed that caused the problem! Once they got her prepped and into the OR, the heartbeat was fine but they had already prepped her so they just did the c-section anyway. duh.gif I'm never sure if the really bad horror stories of childbirth are shared with us pregnant women to scare us or.... what? That's like telling someone who is about to go into surgery that you had the same surgery years ago, it was the longest, most horrific and painful experience of your life, etc etc! And once they stare back at your in horror, you reassure them, "But it's TOTALLY worth it and you'll forget all about the bad parts once it's over with!" (Yeah, because these people CLEARLY forgot and that's why they're telling me what happened ver batim......... lol.gif)


But I shrug it off and tell people each time that I'm excited for childbirth and am eager to try things naturally. I might be eating my words during the actual event, but this is my first time around and I'm not going to let people scare me or deter me from doing what my husband and I really want to do! Everyone should experience things for themselves and do what's right for them. smile.gif

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