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Introducing the bottle?

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Oh ladies, I'm in such a bind. I have been EBFing my twin boys, who are now 16 weeks old. I followed my lac consultants advice and introduced a bottle with just about an ounce of milk around 4 weeks. They took it fine. I didn't follow the rest of her advice though, which was to continue to give them a sip from the bottle like once a week or so just so they're able to take it if ever needed. (I run my own practice, so I really never have to be away from them for more than an hour) Well here we sit at 16 weeks and one of my munchkins absolutely refuses the bottle! He gags, he cries, he turns away, an all out drama king! My milk, just defrosted! I just wanted to be able to take my 7 year old to see HP this weekend for a couple hours, and now aside from not being able to do that, it worries me because what if something happened to me? What would DH do?? My sis (who bf'd her little one till age 5) suggested simply skipping the bottle and going straight to a Sippy cup? Any potential problems with this? I've tried a couple different nipples to no avail. His twin brother has no issues at all with the bottle. HELP! Thanks mamas!
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hi mama! i understand where youre coming from ... that big problem - to give a bottle or not! 


i have struggled with this same issue for my youngest (10m) and decided to not give a bottle after an initial introduction of it during his first couple of weeks. i find that my ds will slurp milk (or water, when i am drinking it and he wants a sip of mine) from a cup no problem. i just barely tilt the cup back and he laps it up the way a cat does. i cant see how that would be a problem. i *never* leave him, but last month dh and i were seriously dying for a date, so my mom watched him while we literally ran to the movies. i nursed him right before, and got home right when she was about to offer the bottle, which he refused anyways. 


and i am right there with you about worrying if something might happen to me. how would the baby feel when suddenly mama and her milk isnt there?!? ive panicked over that thought now and then, and have no answers for your there ::hugs::


try some milk in a cup. see if he takes it

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